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The person is now an adult and therefore an adoption could not be "reversed' or expunged. The adult can change his or her name back to their birth name or to any other they might choose.

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Q: Can an adopted child have the adoption invalidated when they become an adult?
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Can an 20-year-old be adopted?

yes, see adult adoption.

How does an adopted adult go about locating his birth mother?

I contacted the adoption agency in the town where I was adopted from. You could be assigned a case manager who will work with you.

Can An Adult Adopt an Adult?

An adult can definitely adopt an adult. This can prove to be one of the easiest adoptions. Simply because the adult being adopted would need no permission from his or her biological parents as long as he is over the age of 18. If that adult is married, is the only permission needed. The spouse will need to give his/her permission for you to be adopted. I have heard of several forms of adoption but adult adoption I've heard to be the easiest.

If an adult is adopted from a foreign country does the US adoption make them a citizen of US?

No. Anyone adopted over the age of 16 does not automatically get US citizenship. Sorry.

How does an adult get a birth certificate that shows their unofficial adopted but now legal name and their grandparents as their parents though no official adoption occurred?

Cannot without official adoption.

Does UK legislation allow for the adoption of an adult step child?

No. A person can not be adopted once they reach the age of 18 in the UK.

When did Sri Lanka become a democracy?

it adopted universal adult franchise in 1931.

If an adult child is adopted are arrearages still owed on past due support?

Unless specifically addressed in the motion for adoption, than yes.

How can you be adopted by a millionare family?

Unless they choose you there is no way. And for you to be adopted your parents must have given up their parental rights and put you up for adoption. Most couples wants babies though or at least toddlers. Teens rarely get adopted. If you are an adult you must first have a bond with the adoptive parents or the court will not allow it. And some think they become American citizen when adopted as adults but they do not.

Can a child whose been adopted claim the biological fathers estate if there was no will they are now an adult?

No. Adoption severs all legal connections between the two. However, the adopted child is entitled to make a claim on their adopted father's estate.

What states allow adult adoption?

See link provided below for a listing of state-by-state adult adoption laws.

Can a 20 year old be adopted?

Generally yes. The laws on this vary from state to state. Most states in the USA allow for this; it's generally called "Adult adoption"

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