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The person is now an adult and therefore an adoption could not be "reversed' or expunged. The adult can change his or her name back to their birth name or to any other they might choose.


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yes, see adult adoption.

An adult can definitely adopt an adult. This can prove to be one of the easiest adoptions. Simply because the adult being adopted would need no permission from his or her biological parents as long as he is over the age of 18. If that adult is married, is the only permission needed. The spouse will need to give his/her permission for you to be adopted. I have heard of several forms of adoption but adult adoption I've heard to be the easiest.

I contacted the adoption agency in the town where I was adopted from. You could be assigned a case manager who will work with you.

No. Anyone adopted over the age of 16 does not automatically get US citizenship. Sorry.

No. A person can not be adopted once they reach the age of 18 in the UK.

Unless they choose you there is no way. And for you to be adopted your parents must have given up their parental rights and put you up for adoption. Most couples wants babies though or at least toddlers. Teens rarely get adopted. If you are an adult you must first have a bond with the adoptive parents or the court will not allow it. And some think they become American citizen when adopted as adults but they do not.

it adopted universal adult franchise in 1931.

No. Adoption severs all legal connections between the two. However, the adopted child is entitled to make a claim on their adopted father's estate.

Unless specifically addressed in the motion for adoption, than yes.

See link provided below for a listing of state-by-state adult adoption laws.

Dabe Thomas was born on July 2 1932 in Atlantic city New jersey to a young unmarried woman he never knew. he was adopted at 6 weeks by Rex and Auvela Thomas and as an adult would become a well know advocate for adoption fouynding the DAve tOmas Foubndation for Adoption.

Generally yes. The laws on this vary from state to state. Most states in the USA allow for this; it's generally called "Adult adoption"

yes if eitherShe can and does consent to be adopted (adult adoption)Her birth father's parental rights have been legally terminated (Child adoption, can be done in some states from ages 18 to 25)

* Yes, a gift would would be the protocol for an adult adoption party. If in doubt always ask the host or hostess.

Adult adoption varies from state to state, but many states allow adult adoption. Check with your state Department of Children and Families and see if they have guidelines or visit the family court to see if there is a form for such a petition. If possible, you should consult with an attorney who specializes in family and domestic law, and adoption.

The laws on this vary from state to state; inquire about adult adoption with your state's equivalent to the "Department of Children and Families".

There's no simple answer to that. For the adopted children, homes are just about always better than orphanages. And women still do get injured through pregnancy or birth. If you well and truly knew that would happen to you, then adoption would be better. And sometimes there are hereditary diseases and conditions which a responsible adult would prefer not to pass on to their children, again making adoption a sensible option. OTOH, many adopted kids go through a tough period in their (late) teens, struggling with their identity, why they were adopted, what life would have been it they'd stayed with their "real" parents, and things like that.

Only if the adult is mentaly handicapped.

Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.

Can anyone clarify the question? To my understanding, an adult cannot be adopted, regardless of citizenship status... An adult can not be adopted. Perhaps the questioner is thinking of sponsor?

Talk to an adult you trust and consider adoption.

Your parents have to give up their parental rights and hand you over to the state. Then you are up for adoption and while waiting you will be in foster care. There are over 100.000 children waiting for adoption. Everyone wants a baby and not a older child.If you are being abused and that id the reason you wish to be adopted, tell an adult you trust or call the Child Protective Service where you live and they can help.

It will depend on the laws in your location. There are places where adult adoption is common. It often has to do with inheritance rights.

Yes, adults can be adopted. You will need to consult a lawyer but it is fairly common. HOWEVER, the 19-year-old is an adult so they cannot be adopted "single sided," that is, without their consent. (Note that a non-US-citizen 19-year-old cannot come into the US and become a citizen through adoption the way a younger child could.)

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