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Only if the claim was kept active after age 18.


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Generally, no. Although child support is for the child, it is payable to the custodian and/or the State.

Generally, no - although there might be an exception for a severely disabled child.

No. The purpose of collecting back child support is to financially reimburse the custodial parent for the support he or she provided in the past. It is not intended to provide present or future support. The debt is owed entirely to the mother in this case, since she was the one who provided financial support to the child. There are cases in which an adult can receive the back child support owed to their parent, but these usually involve the death of that parent.

Most states do not allow a child to collect back support as an adult. Although the right to child support belongs to the child, support is payable to the custodial parent to assist in the care and upbringing of that child. If the custodial parent did not receive that support, then she (or he) made contributions that should have come from the other parent, and the right to collect the back support belongs to her.

You don't. Once the child is an adult, child support is moot and the ex is home free.

The point in CHILD support is its for abbused KIDS of your an adult You ain't gettin help from them there other causes that could help adults but its CHILD support...

In general, no. One possible exception is when the adult child is severely disabled.

No, it is still owed with interest. The back child support was supposed to be paid while the child was growing up. Check your state laws.

You will not receive child support if the other parent is in jail because there is no income to garnish. Their back child support will add up and you can file contempt charges for nonpayment of child support.

Other parent is recipient & up to them to waive.

She is entitled to child support regardless of where either of you live. It is your child and you must help support him/ her, and no, she does not have to move back to Nevada.

Yes, as an adult you can sue a noncustodial parent for back child support. However it is a different story if the noncustodial parent has never been ordered to pay child support. You can still sue them for a percentage of their assets. I am currently working on a case in which my client is sueing his father for 15 years of back child support. Any divorce lawyer can handle this case for you.

... eligible to receive food stamps [SNAP] ... yes

I don't know, but I am aware of several cases where the custodial parent collected back child support years after the child reached adult age, even to the point of garnishing social security payments.

You still owe the back support. Once the child reaches the age of majority (as defined by the support order) there will be no continuing obligation.

Child support that is awarded and not paid can be claimed by and adult child. A child support order usually expires when the child turns 18, but anything that is arrears can still be claimed by the child.

If there is a child support order in place, and your child is now an adult and has completed their education, then yes. You can have the order modified to stop child support as the child no longer meets the requirements of child support

As in a new claim? No, only the child can up until age 19.

yes u will because of the child support order, but the tax return will be split between you and his ex-wife. he wont receive nothing..

Once a child is an adult, there typically is no more child support. Once a child has been adopted, the child support typically ends. The person that was supposed to be paid the child support can sue for owed money. If they are no longer living, the estate can sue for it. There are statute of limitations that apply to how long afterwards this can happen.

It's likely that one or more States has notified the US State Department of your child support arrearage and, if so, you will not receive a passport. Child support debt is not discharged in bankruptcy.

You should visit the court and ask to speak with Child Support Enforcement. You can file a claim in the estate.

Too much time has passed. The child has been an adult for many years now and do not need the money. Unless you have a court order for child support and he owes arrears there is nothing you can do.

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