Can an affair last?

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The odds of affairs lasting are always extremely slim. The individuals involved have to realize this is an encounter and regardless what is said between them one rarely leaves their wife/husband to be with the "other" person.

Can it? it depends on the person and the affair partner. If the married man fell in love with the other woman and vice versa, it will be a struggling decision and the result will be messy.
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Is it foolish to believe that your husband might come to his senses and stop the affair he is having with a divorced woman for the last three months?

Are you that pathetic that you would actually want him back when you know he would cheat again? That's what is foolish. Why would your husband stay true to you when you don't even have your dignity or self respect? Whoa ... back the truck up! I do understand where you are coming from. If you are m ( Full Answer )

Do emotional affairs last?

Answer All relationships are emotional (whether having an affair or not) or we wouldn't get physical. Affairs with a married man or a married woman seldom work out and think of this why have an affair if the man/woman is so unhappy in their marriage, why not simply start divorce proceedings! A ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a man can't leave his wife but can't end his affair with the other woman that he has been seeing for the last 9 years?

Answer . \nIt means he is having his cake and eating it. If you are the 'other woman' you need toforget about him, he will never leave his wife, and why should two of you be miserable?. Answer . He is a selfish narcissist who just wants it all. \n. \nMarriage is about commitment. If he can¬ ( Full Answer )

How long do extramarital affairs last?

Answer . Some last a few weeks, some for years. The percentage of the person one is cheating with becoming married or in a strong relationship is extremely low statistically. Once a person cheats on their mate for another, the other guy/girl will wonder eventually if this could happen again. ( Full Answer )

Is cheating on your wife EVER justified if she currently has no desire for sex and what if she had a prior affair lasting 2.5 years?

Don't Cheat . To me, cheating on a spouse is never justified, but her 2.5 year affair justifies a divorce if that is what you want. If you want to stay in the relationship, you'll have to forgive your wife for having the affair if you haven't already and communicate with her to find the reasons ( Full Answer )

Your husband and you have been married for 23 years He basically has had no interest in you or being intimate with you for the last 10 years He says he is not having an affair.?

Sounds like this is a prime example of a platonic relationship. Does this automatically signal he is having an affair? Not in the least ... that is a serious charge to make against your partner and needs to be backed up with substantial proof ... and witnesses. Some men lose their sexual drive in l ( Full Answer )

How long does an affair last?

As long as you want it to. Another answer: It lasts as long as the mistress is willing to accept being treated like dirt.

How long does an extramarital affair last?

Usually as long as it takes for one of the other party in a marriage, to start suspecting and discovering the affair, which generally leads to separation and divorce. The affair, then may continue but is no longer called an affair but a relationship or a concubinage. ANSWER: It depends if the sp ( Full Answer )

Can relationships starting from marrital affairs last?

The odds are against it. What credibility has a relationship based on lies and deceit. What happened once will happen again.. I agree, I would not trust either person who had an affair, they may go and have another affair.

Do affairs last during midlife crisis?

Nope. They are an escape, fantasy. When the excitement wears off so does the relationship. Then the sense of loss and sacrifice for the relationship sets in and they usually end up in therapy and screwed up. You think people would learn by now.

How long do most affairs last and how can you tell if your spouse was in love with the other woman and would you think it was just for sex if it went on for right at a year?

It sounds to me like you have issues that go beyond the expertise of anonymous Internet posters. Please leave your husband. He's making you miserable. That much is apparent.. Affairs! . Of course you know that they don't last! That's why they're called affairs. Whether he was in love with the ot ( Full Answer )

If you were a wife married and had an affair fling and had a child from that fling how likely will the marriage last if the wife is remorseful and seeking counseling with husband and herself?

It would be impossible for anyone to answer that question because there are so many factors involved, including your husband's willingness and ability to forgive and put it behind him. But if you're involved in counseling with your husband, that is a wonderful step and hopefully one that will help w ( Full Answer )

How many percent of affairs between married people last?

ANSWER: It depends on the person who's having the affairs, but if the affair is only sex, it will not last before the married man finds another one that can satisfy him. But if the married man fell in love with the other woman, it will last for a while until or if the wife discover it.

Will a marriage last if during the first year the husband was emotionaly involved with a coworker which lead to an affair?

No reason why not unless someone is trying to break it up. ANSWER: Gosh! I do am sorry, but knowing what he did during your first year of marriage, how can you trust him if he will be truthful and honest with you. He broke the oath that the two of you said in front of God and friends, so you must ( Full Answer )

You been married for 15yrs you cheated on your wife and have had an affair for the last 3yrsIn your heart you are in love with the woman you have had the affair withHowever you worry about the kids?

You cant stay in a loveless marriage just for te sake of the kids. Everyone thinks their doing the right think whiling doing that , but the kids see it in their parents. The best thing to do for everyone is stop liying to your wife , tell her the truth. And explain to the kids that you will still lo ( Full Answer )

How long should affair last?

ANSWER: I think it depends on individual. Affairs can and will be complex and hurtful to people who's being cheated on. There are affairs that last years even months if the the married man is careful and smart. But there are also affair that only last months because it was discovered. It all depen ( Full Answer )

Why have an affair?

some couples get bored with each other sexually so to speak and find different "lovers" i find this just being completely unfaithful! but some people do it just for that reason.

How long marital affairs last?

It all depends on the man or woman who's having affairs. If they fall in love with the other person, it will be hard to predict.

If your the first and only girl the married man has had an affair with what does it mean when he said it will be his last too?

Although you could be the only person this married man is seeing, don't count on it. When a person cheats on their spouse they are spineless and dishonest so what makes you think he will tell you the truth. Most men that have affairs with a younger woman want to either feel young again or know tha ( Full Answer )

Last 6 months GK question about current affairs?

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How many months does a emotional affair last?

Each individual is different when it comes to an emotional affair. It can last a couple of months to more than a year. The person having the emotional affair has to make the decision in their own lives. Ask themselves if the person they are having an emotional affair with has a mate or is married (t ( Full Answer )

What is it to not have an affair?

I have been seeing another woman just for friendship, i dont call it an affair,, an affair is kissing, going to bed with her, having a relationship with her, but coffee, no, my wife and i have had some strong problems with our marriage, but i have also been getting help with this and stress wich has ( Full Answer )

If a married couple are only together because of a child and the husband is having an affair will the marriage last?

The marrige shouldn't last. If the husband is only staying for the kid but he is having an affair than that means he is not commited at all. the kid will most likely be unaware of whats going on if they are little but if they are young explain it to them that you cant stay with their dad anymore. ( Full Answer )

What is to have an affair?

to have an affair is to be married but still have a relationship [love/sex etc.] with another person.

In the end of the affair how does the affair end?

Usually your official partner (the one who you're cheating on) will find out about you or the person who you're cheating withs partner will find out about him/her. ANSWER; From my own personal experience, my husband's affair ended when I discovered it. Bad scenario but that's what happen. My d ( Full Answer )

Could you really trust your spouse to change if the affair he had would be his last?

When a spouse breaks that bond of trust it will take several months to possibly a year or more (of good behavior) for that cheating husband to earn the trust back from their spouse. The victim of a cheating spouse should never make it easy for the cheater to come back into their lives and continue o ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for a married man not to have feelings for a girl he was friends with for years and they had an affair that lasted for months until they got caught now he doesnt speak to her?

Yes, it is possible for a married man to have some feelings about a girl friend that he had an affair with as they had some good memories together. However, this does not mean he loves her, but probably misses her as a friend. In time, memories fade and hopefully the marriage is strong enough to sur ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for a married man not to get feelings towards his mistress when they were friends b4 affair and the affair lasted 7 mths?

It could but I doubt it. He will not last this long with his affair if he don't have feelings for her, after all they were friends before, and being friends shared a lot of things when it comes to their own private life. This married man might not admit how he feels for her but believe me he have fe ( Full Answer )

Will affairs last?

Will it?.. definitely especially if it wasn't caught. When a married man look for a new woman they will become good friends. Friends that will exchange stories, and dreams. They will start talking about simple little things that do not make any sense to no one but it's imortant to them. Most married ( Full Answer )

Does the pain over your spouse affair have to last?

ANSWER: Does it? actually it will stop in time. But once in a while some flashback will hit you like a brick wall and once again it will be pain in your heart. If you still having problem how to forget your husband's affair, give yourself time. Remember time will help you ease the pain each time. ( Full Answer )

Have an affair?

No, don't. Cheating is pointless if you don't want your partner and your partner only then what's the point in being in a relationship? Choose who you want to be with and prevent the heartbreak of the other person finding out you had an affair..

How long can an affair between two married person last?

There are no excuses for cheating on a mate when married. If the marriage is that boring or upsetting to the mate that wants to cheat they should have the backbone to get a divorce first if they do not feel they can work on the marriage problems. There is a very small percentage of two married peopl ( Full Answer )

Do affairs that lead to divorce last?

ANSWER: It depends on how bad the betrayed spouse was hurt. Most of the divorce couples who end up into divorce end up having a hard time starting all over again. But for those who divorce because of the affairs, the spouse who did the wrong will end up regretting what happen. Some will continued fo ( Full Answer )

How long do affairs with married men last?

As long as the mistress is willing to accept being treated like yesterday's trash. The affair will end the day she threatens to tell the wife, or she dumps his sorry, cheating butt.

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