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I had a reaction to Lidocaine at a dentist visit and then during a mole removal. My doctor had me tested at an allergist. I was tested with diluted pure lidocaine and found to be allergic. You can be tested but according to my allergist it has to be on the pure drug, not a name brand because they contain other substances.

Allergy to Local anesthetics is extremely rare. Allergic reactions often present as rash and hives, but can be serious causing airway problems including swelling of the throat, tongue, and spasm of the airways of the lungs leading to wheezing and shortness of breath. Cardiovascular collapse and death are the worst senario.

It is very common for people who have a "reaction" from local anesthesia in the dentist office to mistake the reaction for a lidocaine or novocaine allergy when in fact the reaction is due to epinephrine(adrenalin) which these anesthetics often include, designed to decrease bleeding and prolong the length of anesthesia. The reaction to epinephrine is caused by it's absorption into the bloodstream. The reactions commonly associated with this include anxiety, rapid heart beat, palpitations, changes in blood pressure, and shortness of breath.

Local anesthetics may also contain preservatives which may cause reactions as well.

Testing for lidocaine allergy can be done. Contact an allergist.

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Q: Can an allergist test for sensitivity to lidocaine?
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