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Yes it can. Keep a log of what you are eating so you can figure out what is causing it. All rashes should be checked out by your doctor.

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Q: Can an allergy cause small non-itchy pimple-like bumps?
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Shrimp allergy cause red bumps?

If a shrimp allergy is causing red bumps, this typically means you're breaking out into hives. Hives are a common symptom of a shell fish allergy.

What would cause bumps on your neck after a massage?

If they are little bumps, perhaps you have an allergy to the oils/scents used to massage you. Also the bumps could be white-heads caused by the oil clogging your pores.

Can chocolate allergy cause red bumps?

I cannot speak as an MD, but as someone who breaks out in painful red bumps from eating chocolate, drinking cocoa, and drinking some varieties of coffee. It is consistent and repeatable, so I classify it as if it were an allergy.

What does food allergen cause?

It can cause an allergic reaction, depending on the food and the allergy you have. That might include itching, swelling of the tongue, difficulty breathing, you might break out in bumps and lumps, or in severe cases, die.

Are sunflower seeds an airborne allergy?

sunflower seeds may cause an allergy if eaten but they are not an airborne allergy however sunflower pollen may cause an airbourne allergy

If you have red bumps around your butt but they do not itch or cause pain and you tested negative for STDS could it be an allergic reaction to something?

It could be a heat rash or possibly a food allergy.

What does it mean when you have little bumps on your breast?

Small bumps on the skin of the breast can be due to the same causes as any rash on any other part of the skin. The cause could be acne, allergy, eczema, etc. Small bumps on the nipples are a normal part of the body known as Montgomery glands.

Can dysbacteriosis cause allergy?

yes, it can. I have a food allergy related to dysbacteriosis.

What can Allergies cause?

The most common food allergy is peanut allergy

What can cause Allergies?

The most common food allergy is peanut allergy

What causes risen bumps?

There are man things that can cause risen bumps on a persons skin. Bug bites, spider bites, and acne can cause bumps on the skin.

What type of allergy can cause swelling of the face?

ANY kind of allergy can cause swelling of the face, tongue, possibly the throat, and can cause inflammation in the nose.

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