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  • No, you can feel very dizzy whilst having an Asthma attack obviously due to the restricted oxygen supply tothe brain, however unless there is a severe wheeze, accompanied by extreme discomfort and or a severe persistant struggling cough, then it is not an asthma attack. i personally suffered with childhood asthma and so i know the signs and then i used to worry about asthma as an adult, however i have now developed panic attacks which one of the main symptoms is dizziness and these were brought on through worrying about asthma! so take a break and think whether or not you could be having a mild panic attack . they are not the same thing!!!!
  • With asthma you would notice a hard time moving air out of your lungs. In some cases some wheezing and or coughing. Prolonged you can become hypoxic and therefor become dizzy. If on the other hand you are just getting dizzy with no breathing stress its most likely something very different. If you are breathing fast and deeply feeling like you cant get a full breath, maybe your heart pounding then get dizzy you are probobly suffering an anxiety attack and the light headedness is probobly from breating too much. Either way if you have a reaccuring problem you need to see a medical professional to rule out anything serious. or to ease your mind finding it is something very minor.

i have had asthma my whole life i used to get really dizzy after having my inhaler , i went to see my gp and he switched my medication now i dont have them that often than before :)

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Q: Can an attack of dizziness be an asthma attack?
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Can you get an asthma attack from dogs?

Yes, you can have an asthma attack from dogs if you are allergic.

What is symptom in asthma?

the symptoms of asthma are dizziness,fast pulse rate,sweating,misswork and other symptoms that affected the asthma

Can a person die from an asthma attack?

Yes people can die from an asthma attack

What systems does a asthma attack affect?

An asthma attack affects the respiratory system.

What causes a asthma attack?

An asthma attack may be triggered by irritants such as dust or pollen

When did someone die from asthma?

a sever asthma attack

What is one of the major symptoms of asthma?

Asthma attack.

What happens if asthma does not get treated?

You could have an asthma attack and not have an inhaler.

Can asthma lead to panic attack?

Not asthma itself but you can have a panic attack when you can t breathe properly. This is why it's important to keep calm if you have an attack.

Can a person with asthma have a asthma attack if there is red pepper in a season they eat?

I don;t think red pepper causes an asthma attack. An asthma attack is caused by something constricting the bronchi in the lungs. Red pepper can cause an allergic reaction.

Is it normal to feel guilty after an asthma attack?

You shouldn't. If you do, it is probably about something else, not the asthma attack. But I'm no expert ;)

How can people die from an asthma attack?

A bad attack of asthma can close the airways so that you can not breath - you can die of suffocation.

Can pollen in the air cause Asthma?

No, but it can set off an asthma attack.

Can you have an asthma attack caused from excitement or from getting scared?

Yes you can. The adrenaline rush can bring on an asthma attack if you are prone to asthma and not taking your meds properly. My sister had her first asthma attack at 34 when under a great deal of stress, and she had to be hospitalised it was so severe.

Can your back ache with asthma attack?

not usually but it depends on the person and the attack and what triggered the attack. if it only hurts when you have an attack then you might wanna go to a doctor cause thats not normal with an asthma attack ...

What is are the sayings with the word attack?

under attack heart attack an asthma attack shark attack

What causes an asthma attack?

The airways that dont let you breath so therfore you cant breath and it cuases a asthma attack.

How can an asthma attack be prevented?

An asthma attack can be prevented by using a puffer of ventolin or another substance that opens up your airways.

Can a 1 yr old child die from a asthma attack?

Yes a person of any age can die of an asthma attack.

What happens when you have a asthma attack?

An Asthma Attack happens when an allergen triggers your airways to swell and expand, making breathing difficult.

Can you predict asthma attacks?

I have asthma and I can't predict if I'm going to have an asthma attack that day but if i wake up and my chest is tight then I make sure to take it easy in any activities to prevent an asthma attack

Do asthma give a lot of attacks?

well it depends on how bad your asthma is and how you treat it. You need to keep on top of it or you will have an asthma attack. An asthma attack is a respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin. It is when the persons chest tightens up and is finding it hard to breathe. It is terrifying to have an asthma attack. I have asthma and i have at least 1 asthma attack a year. I have had 2 seriously bad ones which have put me into hospital. But some asthma attacks can be solved by taking the blue inhaler (or which ever one your doctor has given you)

A sentence with the word attack?

The asthma attack hurt the child.

Why would doctors ask a patient who has asthma to write down the times and places that they had asthma attack?

to see how frequent they get asthma attacks and so that they can see what [activity]causes them the attack.

Can you recover from asthma attack?

yes you can!