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Any judgment (exception small claims) can be inacted as a lien against real property. However, if the amount is disproportionately small compared to the property value, it can be appealed. Actually it can be appealed almost anytime, if the defendent wishes to pursue the matter.

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Q: Can an auto lease judgment be used as a lien against your home in the state of New York?
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How do you garnish wages in New York?

File suit against the debtor in the appropriate state court in the county where the debtor resides. If the plaintiff wins a judgment they can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment against the debtor. New York allows a maximum of 25% garnishment of disposable income by a judgment creditor.

What is the statute of limitations on credit card debt after judgment in New York state?

An SOL for debt only applies to the time in which the lender can legally sue the borrower/debtor. A valid judgment lien against real property in the State of New York is valid for ten (10)years and in some instances can be renewed.

How do you seize a personal tax refund after obtaining a judgment against the person in new york state?

A judgment creditor cannot seize a refund, that action is only available to the IRS, state tax agencies or state child support enforcement agency. The judgment creditor would need to levy the debtor's bank account, garnish income or enforce the judgment by other means allowed by the laws of the debtor's state.

In New York City can a Debt Collection Company garnish your wages?

Yes, after a creditor is awarded a judgment said judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment against the judgment debtor.

How long is a judgment in effect in New York state?

By "judgment," do you mean an award of something of value in the settlement of a case, or similar? If so, it is good until it is satisfied/paid off. Not paying a court awarded judgment may result in having lien placed against your or your property.

How long does a civil judgment last in New York state?

The usual time limit is ten years at a maximum of 8% interest. N.Y. does not allow most judgments to be renewed. A judgment in New York is valid for twenty years. During that time it can enforced against a judgment debtor's income and assets. A lien of a judgment resulting from the docketing of a judgment with the County Clerk is good for ten years, and can be renewed for another ten years.

Can the State of New York file a judgment for an alledged student loan debt that is 37 years old?

Proof would have to be presented that the debt was valid before a judgment could be entered against the debtor. Since a judgment was entered then acceptable validation must have been provided to the court. Student loans both state and federal do not have SOL's, so the judgment is more than likely valid and enforceable.

When was New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence created?

New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence was created in 1978.

In New York State I have a car titled and registered to me but a judgment was issued against my husband to seize the car can they still take the car?

Does the car hava a lien with a bank with your husbands name on it?

Is hair testing against the law in New york state?


If wages are earned in Florida but a garnishment is from NY which state laws do you follow?

Both, provided the judgment is from New York. If the judgment was filed in Florida (as it should be filed in the state of residence) then only the laws of Florida are jursidictional.

Can your wages be garnished for pay day loans in the State of New York?

Yes, with the execution of a valid court judgment.

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