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No, ALL Social Security benefits are protected by both federal and state laws and are totally exempt from creditor actions. A creditor has other options than garnishment, if the person owns real property, although for most seniors any property will likely be protected under state laws.

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Q: Can an elderly person have her Social Security garnished because her car was repossessed and sold for less that what she owed on it?
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Can an elderly person on social security have a bank account garnished?

Yes! they can, will and do garnish Social Security wages. There's a good article about it at:

When can the elderly get social security?


Is there a way a person can be paid by social security to take care of elderly?

would social security pay significant other to care for elderly person

What new deal program provided security for elderly and unemployed?

social security act

Both Social Security and Medicare?

Are designed to help the elderly

Which of these is intended to help keep the elderly out of poverty?

social security

Why is social security important?

Social security is primarily designed to provide income for the elderly by taxing the workforce.

What is one benefit provide by social security?

Retirement income for the elderly.

What did social security hope to accomplish?

Establishing social welfare for the elderly.

Why was social security invented?

to assure the elderly that if another event like the Great Depression were to occur, elderly would be given a type of 'allowance' so that they could survive through hard times. During the Great Depression the elderly couldn't find jobs or were unable to work so social security was invented to bring aid to the elderly and disabled.

What is a Political issue the elderly feel is important?

social security and medical coverage

Why was the social security act of 1935 so important?

It extended support to the elderly citizens.

What do you need to be a representative of your elderly mother for social security?

You need be be listed as "power of attorney" for her.

Do I have to pay social security?

Yes, this is an American way of trying to keep the elderly taken care of.

What is a program that provides monthly payments to the elderly disabled and unemployed?

i would say Social Security

Which New Deal agency was most effective in aiding the elderly during the Depression?

social security

What are the release dates for The Onion News Network - 2007 Social Security Scam Robs Elderly by Convincing Them They Are Dead?

The Onion News Network - 2007 Social Security Scam Robs Elderly by Convincing Them They Are Dead was released on: USA: 2 November 2010

Who is helped by the Social Security Act of 1935?

Social Security helps the elderly but was expanded to help children whose parent or parents died and those that were disabled.

What are 4 letter words starting with L And relates to the elderly?

The elderly are late in their live. Many elderly individuals need a wheelchair because they are lame.

How do you get a light put in the backyard for elderly security?

buy solar power lights. they stick right in the ground

One purpose of the Social Security Act was to?

establish a national pension for the elderly and dependent mothers and children

Who was the social security act designed to help?

People who were injured or ill and could not work and elderly people.

Which new deal program provide welfare to the unemployed and retirement benefits for the elderly?

social security act

What motivated the creation of the social security program?

The Great Depression, and subsequent poverty/death among the elderly.

What Social Security benefits are available for newly released prison inmates?

Nothing... you are a felon... not disabled or elderly