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Only a Supervicer, Manager, or Assit Manager will call an Employer to come in not a Employer. I hope this help.

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Q: Can an employer make someone work if the next shift has called in or quit?
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Can your employer make you pay for products a customer stole on your shift?

no but u can

Can an employer make you work your 8 hour shift then require you to work a 16hour and take call every day for any shift?

That depends are you a minority?

Can your employer force someone to get their service?

No, that would be unacceptable, U.S.A. is a free country not slavery if they don't wanna do it the employer can't make them do it

How do you make a sentence with employer?

The employer walked.

Can you make a sentence with employer?

The employer was terrible at cooking

Make a sentence using 'employer'?

The employer did not give anyone the day off. He went to his employer and asked for a raise.

Can an employer make you stand for 8 hours?

The answer is No. Talk to your Human Resources Department. For every 4hrs, you have to rest 15min. So a 30min break would be imparetive for an 8hr shift.

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Can employer make you work if you have a doctors note?

An employer cannot make you exceed limitations as stated by your doctor.

Can your employer make you work for lower wage?

can a employer make you work for lower wage to get out of paying unenployment An employer can lower your wage, and you can accept that or leave. Lowering your wage does not exempt the employer from UI claims.

What is it called when you make someone do something?

Coercion. You can coerce someone into doing something

Is it legal for an employer to move you from 1 shift to another and reduce your pay?

Absent a contract between you and your employer stating otherwise, yes, your employer may change your shift as your employer controls your schedule. The only exception to this would be for workers under 18 (child labor laws tend to limit when juveniles can work). Your employer may also reduce your pay, though not retroactively, as long as they meet the minimum wage and again, as long as you do not have a contract that states otherwise. Local laws may vary but typically do not; and as with anything, your employer cannot make these types of decisions, especially with regards to pay, for a discriminatory or illegal reason (e.g. retaliation for "blowing the whistle" where you are protected by law from such retaliation).

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How many hours can an employer make an employee work?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining how long an employer can make an employer work. Some employers can force people to work for up to 24 hours a day, with one day off. Other employers can't force someone to work more than 8 hours a day.

Can employer make you pay them for cleaning uniform?

Sure that would be the employer decision.

Does an employer have to deduct taxes from a minor workers paycheck?

No The employer may not deduct taxes from your paycheck if you are under 18 unless you give them permission to do so, If they have done this to you make sure to talk to someone about it your entitled to get that money back.

Is Make shift compound word?

Makeshift is a compound word made up of make and shift.

Could i get sample letter of address proof from employer?

Yes, to get a sample letter of address proof from your employer, you have to make a request. To make a request simply write to your employer with your request.

In Colorado can an employer make overtime mandatory?

Yes, this can be done by any employer if he chooses to.

Can an employer make an employee pay for overtime work incurred to another employee who worked overtime for covering the employee's shift?

I am not a lawyer, but I can't see this being legal anywhere.I can see it being perfectly legal for the employer to fire the employee that made them pay some other employee overtime, though.

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Can employer make you get flu shot?


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Can an employer make the employee pay for workmans comp?

can a employer make the employee pay weekly for workmans comp or disability insurance