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Yes,The way this was explained to me by my companies H.R. Dept. was the fear the company has of being sued. Say you get a nasty divorce, separation or some thing along them lines and out of spite your husband or wife drops the family plan, then you or your child get injured and goes to the hospital just to find out that you are no longer covered. Let's face it, if you can sue because you eat fast food and it made you fat or for spilling hot coffee in your lap this is not that far of a stretch.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: Can an employer require you to show confirmation of medical coverage before you can drop your existing insurance?
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Will bcbs deny you with a pre existing condition?

If your spouse is a cancer patient and on COBRA with your former employer until you get new group coverage with your new employer does the pre-existing condition rule apply to you? My former employer has United Healthcare Insurance, and my potential new employer has Blue Cross Blue Sheild Health Insurance.

If you go for a checkup and get diagnosed with a serious illness can your employer still give group insurance coverage?


Is ulcerative colitis a pre-existing condition?

Any medical condition can be a pre-existing condition to an insurance company precluding coverage. However, it is possible to still get coverage and deny the pre-existing clause by providing a certificate of continuous coverage from another insurance company.

What is the policy for changings jobs and having a pre existing condition?

This depends on whether or not your new employer will be providing you with coverage. If the new employer will provide you with group coverage, then you will have an exclusion for 1 full year from the effective date of the new coverage. During this first year, you will have limited coverage for the pre-existing condition. After 1 year, the pre-existing condition will be covered at 100%.If your new employer is not providing you with a group plan than you will need to obtain individual coverage. Individual Disability coverage is fully underwritten and will likely exclude any pre-existing conditions. If the condition is severe enough, you may even be declined coverage.

Why is it benefical to have health coverage and benefits from your employer?

Perhaps the most beneficial reason is that someone else is paying all or a portion of your health insurance costs for you. Even if your employer pays 50% of your health insurance cost that's 50% less that you don't have to pay directly out of your pocket with post-tax $. Employer coverage is definitely a lot more limited on the choices of benefits & plans as opposed to the myriad of choices available if you were purchasing it on your own. Another great benefit of employer coverage is that you don't have to go through 'medical underwriting' to qualify to enroll in the employer plan as you would have to for non-employer coverage in most states. In other words, you can't be denied enrollment into your employer health coverage based upon your existing health conditions or risk.

How can you continue getting insurance coverage for the pre-existing condition of terminal cancer after a divorce if the policy is in your husband's name?

the first way to do this is to obtain COBRA coverage. When your divorce became final, your ex-spouse was able to drop your coverage. Federal law is that all insureds can continue coverage with COBRA. Your insurance company or ex-spouse's employer should have sent you paperwork explaining what your rights are. But be aware, with COBRA, you are paying the full premium for the continued coverage.

Change of insurance due to jobs. When will my existing insurance expire.. end of the month... the next month?

Check with the Personnel Office of your previous employer.

No rental insurance damage to rental car?

Renters wanting such coverage should check with their existing car insurance as their existing insurer may be able to add it to their regular yearly policy for a small premium. This provides coverage from an insurance company that they know, instead of unregulated (from insurance standpoint) car-rental outfit, which offering you may understand less.

What is pre-existing condition mental illness?

It means a person has a mental illness already prior to applying for insurance coverage. Pre-existing has to be "known". 4ligeguild

If you are covered under your spouses insurance and get a job that provides insurance with no lapse in coverage is any medical condition you have considered pre-existing?

No, most states require that pre-existing conditions be waived when moving from a group policy to a group policy. Pre-existing condition clauses apply when the break in coverage is greater than 63 days.

What are an insurance agent's duties?

Agents order or issue policies, collect premiums, renew and change existing coverage, and help clients with questions or problems related to coverage.

Can an employer drop insurance without notifying employees and employees continue to pay for insurance not knowing it has been dropped?

If such a scenario arises, the employer should be procecuted under the existing law of the land. A case has to be registered by the employees against the unscrupulous employer for cheating.

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