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If he agrees to it and someone pays the premium. It's an excellent procedure (opinion).

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Q: Can an ex-husband be insured to protect a 14 year alimony payment in case of his death before the 14 years are up?
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How can you protect yourself if exhusband is charging medical and dental on your insurance cards?

Unless you are his guarantor for his medical bils, you do not need to do anything about his using your insurance cards. When the doctor's office submits the bill, the insurer will notify them that he does not have insurance. The doctor's office will then go to him for payment. You are not at risk for his medical bills.

Does insurance company are insured?

Insurance companies have re-insurers to protect their assets.

What is a government payment to encourage or protect an economic activity?


Does bankrupcty protect you from wage garnishment?

No bankruptcy will not protect you from wage garnishments for certain types of debt. For example, court ordered child support/past due child support, court ordered alimony/past due alimony,student loans, federal taxes,state taxes and county taxes are not covered under the protections of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will also not protect you from wage garnisments for court ordered fines,restitution.

Can a self insured propane gas company be sued by a clients lawyer?

Being self insured does not protect one from law suits. Anybody with a reasonable claim can sue someone else. It is a hazard of a litigeous society.

Should all legal owners be listed as the insured on a homeowners insurance policy?

Yes they should be listed to protect their interest.

Do catering companies have to be insured for liability purposes?

Catering companies should cary liability insurance for their operations. This will protect them in the event of a lawsuit.

Why was Germany's invasion of Poland important?

Because it insured a full scale Euorpean war. Britain and France both had pledged to protect Poland.

What is a bad faith law suit?

"Bad faith" is a term usually used to describe poor conduct by insurance companies on a failure to protect the assets of the insured. A bad faith lawsuit is usually filed by a an insured against his own insurance company after the insurance company has failed to settle a claim by an injured person and the injured person then obtains a judgment or verdict against the insured in excess of the policy limits of the insured person.

Is scooter insurance more for teenagers?

Scooter insurance in not just for teenagers, but for good drivers of all ages. Most states now require that you have your scooter insured. this is not just to protect other drivers from you, but to protect you from other drivers!

How do you protect your alimony from collectors?

Depends if you want to do it the legal or illegal way. LEGAL: You could always get a job with lower income then your ex. ILLEGAL: Ask to get paid "Under the table", or work the corners.

What are obama's goals for health care reform?

>A public option >Lower premiums > Cover as many uninsured as possible > Minor reforms to protect those insured

Can you be sued in an auto accident when the vehicle you drive is insured but you?

You can be sued but your real concern is most likely how far your insurance company will support this. The insurance company has a limited liability and will fight to protect that, which in turn will help to protect you up to the limit of your insurance.

What does life insurance protect against?

Life insurance is financial protection for survivors or others with an insurable interest in the continued life of the person insured. "Insurable interest" essentially means that the beneficiary has a "stake" (which can be founded on finances, "love and affection", or some other bases) in the continued life of the insured. When the insured dies for reasons that are not excluded by the policy, the beneficiary(ies) receive the life insurance proceeds.

How do you stop your child support payment going through the state and pay on your own?

My advice would be don't! Go through the state so that you have good documentation and witnesses to protect you from non-payment claims.

What is the difference between a named insured and an additional insured on a general liability policy?

Attorneys will often say there is no difference, when it comes to extending coverage for legal liability. However, depending the specific additional form used there might be substanial differences in the portion of the general liabilty policy that is extended to the named insured versus the additional insured. For instance, older additional insured forms (CG 2010 11/85) extended coverage to the additional insured for "Products/Completed Operations". New forms use wording such as "ongoing operations of the named insured" that limit coverage to the additional insured to the "Premise/Operations" portion of the CGL form. In addition, an additional insured generally has no right to: * Request policy endorsements or cancellation * Receive copies of the policy contract, other than the a/i form and a certificate of insurance The purpose of an additional insured is to protect the rights of another party that might become legally liable for the actions of the named insured. For instance, a landlord might become entangled in a lawsuit caused by the actions of his tenant. By naming the landlord as additional insured, the named insured extends coverage, especially defense costs, to the landlord. The tenant's insurance company would have to defend both the named insured and the additional insured. Additional insured's are a common and increasingly important part of liability insurance. It is important you make sure your agent is aware of the specific nature of the relationship you have with the additional insured, to ensure the proper additonal insured form is provided. I generally like to review my clients contracts - including leases - to make sure the policy and a/i form are compliant.

If your exhusband has taken on community debt in your divorce he goes bankrupt what can you do to protect yourself or your new husband if you are remarried?

Your divorce agreement or decree is valid only between you and your husband. The creditor still can look to you to recover the amount if you are otherwise liable for it. Your new husband may be able to protect himself if he keeps his sole management community property separate from you. To protect yourself, you need to have your assets only in exempt property, which varies from state to state. Bank accounts typically are not exempt.

How does payment gateway protect credit cards?

Payment gateway protects credit cards via encryption. When encrypted, sensitive information such as credit card numbers and security codes are safely and securely passed from the customer to the merchant.

Are debris removal companies required to have insurance to protect against injury or damage to property?

All legitimate businesses have insurance to protect against injury and/or damage to property. Before engaging the service of any contractor, it is wise to make sure that the contractor is sufficiently insured.

Why is workman's comp insurance important and how are workman's compensation premiums calculated?

Workers' compensation is important to protect employer's from the costs of on the job accidents of their employees. It is also important because it protects employees if they are injured on the job. Workers' compensation premiums are calculated based various factors including the type of work the insured performs, how much payroll the insured has, the previous loss history of the insured and certain rates set by carriers and states.

What does product liability insurance protect a business?

It provides liability coverage for claims, lawsuits, judgements and legal defense cost for the insured in the event that your product injures or kills some body.

What are your rights as a co-signer if the payment is not made by the borrower and you make the payment?

It depends on whether your name is on the title as co-owner. If it is, then you have equal rights of possession. If NOT on the title, you have the right to KEEP ON PAYING to protect your good credit. Have fun

What is insurance in lic?

It is sometimes argued that life insurance is a sort of gamle, in as much as it enables a person to take a chance regarding the receipt of a large sum of money on the occurrence of a contingency such as fire or death, by paying a small amount of premium. This is not correct ! The purpose of insurance is to protect the insured against losses resulting from hazards beyond his control. It should not and does not, enable the insured to profit from the ococurrence of the event insured against. It can and does only indemnify him to the extent of the loss suffered by him.

What is force-placed or lender-placed insurance?

A Bank or Mortgage company requires that the borrower maintain "hazard" insurance and list them as an additional insured. The "hazard" insurance is a homeowners or dwelling fire policy. If they do not receive proof of insurance coverage or if they receive a cancellation from the insurance carrier they will secure coverage on your behalf to "protect their interest" . This policy is usually a Fire Policy that Only covers the Bldg for the amount of the loan. It will not provide coverage for personal property or liability. The premium is high and they will simply increase the mtge payment to escrow the payment for this policy.

What is the provision in a insurance policy that protects the lender of the mortgage from any acts of the borrower that could invalidate coverage or leave the lender without security?

The mortgagee clause will give the lender notice of cancellation but it will not protect the lender for actions or damages done by the insured on the policy. All property policies specifically exclude intentional acts by an insured.