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Can an heir be removed from a trust?

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Only by the grantor assuming said person is still living.

2006-08-28 19:11:42
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Q: Can an heir be removed from a trust?
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As an heir do you have the right to see the trust?

I, as an heir but not the "Trustee", was told I had no right to see, discuss or even know the trust existed. All of that is at the discretion of the trustee.

What is one who dies leaving a will called?

heir --- It is not an Heir. An Heir is what you call the people who receive something from a will or a trust. A person who dies leave a will is a Testator.

What is your financial obligation if you are heir to a trust?

You have no responsibilities. The trust is responsible for its costs and distributing the assets per the terms of the trust.

Can an heir who is the trustee of his sister's special needs trust sue her trust to get money for another sibling who was written out of the will?

No. The heir has no right to the funds set aside in the special needs trust. A living donor set that trust up with their own property and the heir has no rights to that property whatsoever. The trust is not responsible in any way for a sibling who was disinherited. Parents are allowed to disinherit their adult children.

Is an heir a blood relative or can they be a friend or fiancee of the deceased?

An heir does not have to be a blood relative. An heir, also known as a beneficiary, is whoever is listed in a will or trust as a beneficiary. So it could be a friend, or a charitable organization, or a blood relative. It is up to the person making the will or living trust.

What rights does a beneficiary and third heir have in an amended living trust?

They have no rights in the trust. The trust has already been established. They may be able to get help from a trust attorney.

How does a beneficiary in a irrevocable trust remove a trustee from property?

They must review the trust document to determine how trustees can be removed and replaced.They must review the trust document to determine how trustees can be removed and replaced.They must review the trust document to determine how trustees can be removed and replaced.They must review the trust document to determine how trustees can be removed and replaced.

How can you get an heir cash advance on an inheritance before you turn 25?

Many places offer a probate or trust advances. You must verify you are a legal heir to a trust of an estate in probate or trust. You just have to have access to the estate paperworks and prove evidence of an inheritance over a certain amount.

How do you remove a trust from a deed?

Land can be removed from a trust by a deed from the trustee.

Is a grandchild still a natural heir if the deceased parent is not named in the Grandparents Will or Trust?

That can only be determined by a professional reviewing the language in the particular Will and trust

How do you get a deceased family members stocks?

To accomplish this you must have a copy of the will or trust. Whoever is an heir may file a claim with the company holding the stock with the proof of the will or trust. One must note that it is the job of the Executor and or Trustee to do this. If you are not an heir then you have no entitlement to said stock.

Can a person in another country be an heir or trust beneficiary?

If you mean a person outside the US then the answer is, yes.

What does heir to heir mean in a will?

The mean of heir to heir means one heir from a family to another heir of the same family.

Can an executor be beneficiary of a will in CT How can an executor be removed by an heir?

Yes, the executor can be a beneficiary. The court may remove an executor at the request of the beneficiaries.

What inscription on US coins did Theodore Roosevelt try to have removed?

In God We Trust

Can a trustee of a will be legally removed if misappropriating funds?

Yes. They can and should be removed as soon as possible. Review the trust first to determine if there is power in the beneficiaries to remove the trustee and appoint a successor. If there is no such provision in the trust then an action can be brought in a court of equity asking that the trustee be removed and another trustee appointed.

Does a quitclaim deed modify a living trust?

A trust is an agreement. You cannot "modify" a trust by a deed. Trusts are modified by amendments to the trust. Property can be removed from a trust by a deed executed by the trustee if the trustee has been given the power to sell real estate.

Can an executor or trustee sell the property of the person who inherited the property?

It all depends on the provisions in the will.If (1) the "heir" is a beneficiary of a testamentary trust; and, (2) the "heir" "inherits" the property through a distribution from or of the trust res by the trustee, and, (3) the provisions of the trust instrument or will provide that the trustee has the power to do so; and, (4) the rights of the beneficiary terminate with the exercise of this power by the trustee as provided for in the trust instrument or will, then yes.

What is a sentence for heir?

The heir to the throne was sworn in.I am the heir to a hotel empire.

How is Stapleton related to Sir Henry Baskerville?

He is his cousin, Uncle Roger's long lost son and twice removed heir to the Baskerville fortune.

What inscription on the US coins did Theodore Roosevelt try in vain to have removed?

In God We Trust

How long does an executor of a trust have to disburse the money to an heir?

An executor is the term used for the person who has been appointed by a court to settle an estate. The person who can act for a trust is called the trustee. You should review the terms of the trust for provisions as to when the trust property must be distributed. If you think the trustee is not distributing the funds in a timely manner you should file a complaint with the court where the estate or trust was filed.

Do all the heirs of a trust have to sign to remove an executor of a trust?

Trusts are managed by TRUSTEES not executors. You need to look to the language of the trust to see how a trustee can be removed. If there is no provision in the trust you will need to petition the court to remove the trustee and appoint a replacement.

Opposite gender of heir?

the female is an heiress

Can you use heir in a sentence?

Yes, you can use heir in a sentence. Heir is a noun. Here are a few example sentences: He did not leave any legitimate heir. I am the rightful heir to the throne.