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Can an illegal immigrant come to the us on a temporary basis if a us citizen ask for it?


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If they obtain a visa, they are not illegal.


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Not necessarily, although such cases are decided on individual basis according to the circumstances.

It is possible for a U.S. citizen to marry an illegal immigrant if the immigrant has valid identification. However, marrying a citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship and is not a guarantee that the person will not face deportation. Such situations are assessed by the USCIS on an individual basis, for more information visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website at

I believe you are asking if it is legal for an employer to hire a legal immigrant over a American citizen. By "legal immigrant," I assume you mean one who is authorized to work in the United States. Yes. As long as the person hired is legally authorized to work in the United States, his citizenship is irrelevant. Keep in mind that it is illegal in many jurisdictions for an employer to discriminate against a potential employee on the basis of national origin.

The belief that marriage to a US citizen makes an illegal "legal" is probably among the top immigration myths. But to answer your question, the answer is, it depends: 1) if first entry was legal but you overstayed (i.e. visa expired) then YES, marriage to a US citizen is a way to become "legal" 2) if first entry was illegal (i.e. you sneaked across the border), then marriage to a US citizen can NEVER be the basis to make you legal. Even after marriage, you could still be subject to arrest and deportation by ICE

No, there is no law obligating a landlord to confirm immigration status or citizenship. There ARE laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or national origin.

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Yes, of course he can forced back to his country. An illegal will be deported to his country of origin. The mere fact that his country's living conditions suck is NOT a basis for NOT deporting the illegal, and a generic threat from the cartels is even less so.

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Yes he does, such as custody, visitation and support issues. As for immigration, having a citizen child is no basis to get legal residency (at least not until the child is 21)

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If you mean,illegal Mexican immigrants, Well, I am not sure, but I read in this website that only in some states. Also those same people wrote about the nightmare they went trough after. See, they thought, that by simple marrying the illegal immigran, he/she (the immigrant) would automatically become legal and get a green card. The reality is different: in order for an illegal immigrant to become legal trough marriage is for the American citizen to apply first for a fiance/ee visa first to bring the fiance/ee from his/her country legally from the beginning. Then when he/she has entered the US with the fiance/ee visa, they can marry the American citizen and get a permanent resident alien card ("green card). That's the right way to do it.AnswerThis is certainly the easiest way to do it. But not the only way. Yes you can marry in the US without a visa, If you are marrying a US citizen and you (the immigrant) entered the US legally, your spouse can sponsor you for LPR (legal permanent resident)and you will not be required to leave the US nor are you subject to any waiting period. AnswerYes, you can get married. I married a Mexican immigrant with no legal status and it did not and still does not matter. We have not figured out how we are going to handle this situation. He works, he has and ITIN to pay taxes, we just need to get his status changed. Eventually, he will have to go back to Mexico and I will have to petition to have him brought back on hardship, since I have very serious health issues, that may, unfortunately, be what helps us get him back her sooner. Good luck to you. And believe me I know what it means when it is said the heart wants what it wants. AnswerThere are not laws that prevent an illegal immigrant from marrying a U.S. citizen, the person only needs to meet the identification requirements of the state in which they wish to marry. Marrying a U.S. citizen will not automatically confer nor guarantee permanent resident status nor citizenship, nor does it mean the person will be subject to deportation. The status of such cases are decided on an individual basis.

I don't think your question makes any sense...

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An immigrant is a person who enters into one country with the intention of settling there permanently. (emigrants are people who leave a country. The emigrants from one country are immigrants in their new country.)An illegal immigrant is one that enters a foreign country without obtaining the papers needed to enter that country or else after legally entering as a visitor, stays there without getting permission to stay on a permanent basis.

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