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props my friend, finally someone who knows their cars haha. no need for another filter. BUT, of course, you can always add another fuel filter. but there is no need.

An inline fuel filter can be installed on any fuel line. The part you have to watch for is pressure. What ever filter you install would have to match the pressure rating of the cars fuel system otherwise it will grenade and spray fuel everywhere fuel shouldn't be. As well, you have to make sure the filter has the proper volumetric flow. Non restrictive.

After saying this I must ask; why the extra filter? The car comes with a strainer already in the tank and then a filter enroute to the engine. Sorry had to ask.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:44:34
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Q: Can an inline fuel filter be installed on a Mazda Protege 5?
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