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Do you have the policy owner's permission?

2006-07-18 14:12:42
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Is there any way to get accidental death insurance to pay in the event of suicide?

No. No insurance policy covers death in case of suicide.

Does life insurance covers suicide in Illinois?

Read the specific policy exclusions in the life insurance contract. It will detail the impact of a suicide on the benefits, if any.

What is covered by disability insurance?

Disability insurance covers any impairment that is previously unknown to the beneficiary. However, the beneficiary only provides partial wage replacement to workers who are unable to work due to their disability.

Can a landlord require that he be named as a beneficiary on renter's insurance?

Renters insurance covers only the renters stuff. You would not be covered as you do not have an insurable interest on his stuff.

Is landlord insurance a reliable insurance company?

Landlord insurance is not an insurance company. It is a type of insurance that covers a owner of a rental property from damages that may occur to their property.

Whose insurance covers items stolen from a company vehicle at home?

I think that your insurance covers the items that were yours that were stolen, and the company's covers the car damage.

What is a Motorcycle Greenslip?

Motorcycle Greenslip is an insurance company which covers motorcyclists.

Will life insurance pay out if I die from autoimmune disease in the joints?

Life insurance covers death by any causes not specifically excluded. That generally means they don't cover suicide. Life insurance covers death by natural causes, i.e a disease.

What type of insurance do the company Chubb offer?

The Chubb Group provides insurance for business and personal related matters. Their business insurance covers property and casualty while their personal insurance covers cars, homes, and valuables.

What is buildings insurance and what does it cost?

Buildings insurance covers the building and everything in and around it. The cost differs from company to company depending on what items they include in their coverage.

Does Georgia law require you to add someone from another state who does not live with you to your motorcycle insurance if they ride your motorcycle?

you would have to call the your insurance company but if the person has insurance it should be fine. I know my insurance company covers me for everything its based on the company you are with.

Is tubal ligation reversal covered in insurance?

Rarely, But you have to check with your insurance company on what your particular policy covers or does not cover.

What does forced place insurance cover?

It covers the finance company. nobody else.

What special considerations do I need to take when shopping for motorcycle insurance versus auto insurance?

When shopping for motorcycle insurance verify the company covers extra like accessories and chrome. Foremost Insurance company specializes in motorcycle insurance.

You own your car it was totaled Should you let the insurance company have it after they pay you?

This depends on what the settlement covers I have required the insurance company to allow me to retain ownership, this reduces the settlement. Or the if you do not specify that this is what you want the insurance company gets the car.

Can you claim a broken car rear window on auto insurance?

Depends on what insurance you have. LIABILITY insurance covers damage you cause to other people and their cars. COLLISION covers damage to your car from an accident. COMPREHENSIVE insurace covers fire, theft, flood and broken glass. Check with your insurance company.

Does life insurance covers suicide in Missouri?

Before 2007, Missouri did not allow life insurance policies to exclude suicide, except that the insurer could avoid payment if it could be proven that the policyholder contemplated suicide when he bought the policy. Some resources will incorrectly state that this is still the law, thereby causing confusion. In about 2007, the law was changed and now insurance companies may exclude suicide for one year after the policy is purchased (in Missouri). After one year insurance companies must pay for death by suicide, even though the policy may recite a longer exclusion period. Note that an insurance company may initially deny your claim after the one year period hoping that you won't know the law and will go away. If the insured commits suicide within the one year exclusion period, the insurance company must return the premium with interest. The Missouri law is located at the link below.

Accidental life insurance covers death by homicide?

Your life insurance policy should contain a provision that stipulates if the policy covers death by homicide. It really varies from policy to policy, depends on the insurance company, etc.

Is suicide covered by life insurance?

In general, insurance covers "fortuitous" events: those that are neither planned nor intentional, and life insurance is no different. However, there is typically a provision in life insurance policies that payment will not be denied if the insured dies of suicide after 2 years from the date that the policy was issued. This is called an "incontestibility clause".

Who or what insurance company pays for the collision damages to the automobile belonging to the person not at fault?

The other person's insurance covers damamge if it was their fault.

What insurance company covers motorcycle breakdown?

Geico has excellent motorcycle insurance. State Farm is another good company that has motorcycle insurance. I will check these two companies out before i would go to anyone else.

What are some benefits of having a premier insurance?

The benefits of an insurance are: 1. The insurance covers accidents 2. The insurance covers medical needs. 3. The insurance covers thefts. 4. The insurance covers a lot of other things and it can save you money.

Can coverage on a non-owners auto insurance policy be extended to a company car that I drive?

No, Non Owners often referred to as Named Driver insurance never covers a company vehicle. It is the responsibility of your company to provide insurance for it's employees when driving a company vehicle.

What insurance covers medical bills in an accident where someone not on the cars insurance was driving and wrecked?

The un-insured driver will have to turn to their health insurance company for coverage if he carried no auto insurance.

What does directors and officers insurance cover?

Directors and officers insurance covers the actual or alleged errors, omissions, or neglect of the officer or director of a company or organization. The insurance kicks in and covers liabilities when proceedings are brought whether criminal, civil, or regulatory.