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Yes, it is actually required that the insurance company reassess the value of your insured home on a regular basis. This is done as a safeguard for the homeowner. Home values change and materials and supplies to rebuild goes up. labor, materials, etc. Therefore, if some unfortunate event such as a fire should occur. And your home was insured at the value it was or ten years ago. You could be putting out some serious pocket money to make up the difference.

If you disagree with the insurance companies valuation you can contact them and have them review the policy or you can seek out another insurer.

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Q: Can an insurance company raise your coverage without your knowledge or consent?
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Do you have to agree with the insurance company raising your coverage without your consent?

You don't have to agree but they will cancel the policy. Most homeowners policies include a replacement cost coverage to the structure so they want it to be insure properly.

Can you purchase life insurance on your parent?

Yes, with your parent's knowledge and consent.

Can your insurance company raise your homeowners deductible without you consent?

it depends on the company

Do you have coverage if you bought a car and cannot get hold of your agent?

Of course not. Insurance is a contract that takes both parties to consent and you have to contact somebody from the company to start the coverage. If you had a car that you gave up and had coverage on that, you are likely okay because your coverage follows you no matter what car you are driving. But if this is your first car or your other coverage had already expired, then you need to contact them right away so that you can bind coverage and be certain you are insured.

Can someone take out a life insurance policy on me without my knowledge?

They can if it is bought while you are a minor, otherwise it is insurance fraud and is illegal without your consent.

Can your auto insurance policy be changed without your consent?

Generally, yes. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to change the terms and conditions of the policies that it issues. For the most part, coverage and rate changes have to be approved by the state insurance regulatory authority. This is because the regulator wants to be sure that the coverage provided is commensurate in the protection that the policy provides to the premium that is charged. Any changes in coverage normally occur at the time of renewal of the policy. You are certainly free to reject the proposed chages by seeking coverage with another insurer.

Can you take an insurance policy out on a spouse without the spouse's knowledge?

Not a life insurance policy....The insured party would be considered the policy owner therefore it could not be issued without their knowledge & consent.

Motor Insurance What is motor insurance?

To insure your car which policy we recured that is motor insurance. You might want to check the site below to answer your question. They offer different kinds of car insurance policies at a very affordable premiums. They also give you free quotes and determine which insurance company meet your requirements.

If another person is driving your car with consent and swerves to miss a deer but lands in ditch and damages the car who is liable?

typcially the insurance stays with the car....if you have collision coverage (if no actual contact with the deer would be collision rather than comprehensive coverage), your insurance would most states if there is no collision coverage on the vehicle, but the driver has a vehicle that has the needed coverage it would then apply.........

Can your homeowners insurance company raise your coverage amount to whatever they want without your consent?

Yes. This occurs when a review of your home shows it to be under insured. If your house is insured for 200,000 when it would actually cost 300,000 to replace then it is a problem as most insurance companies guarantee to cover up to the replacement cost.

What does 'consent to rate' mean on a workman's comp bill?

Consent to Rate means that the insurance company must have the consent of the insured (i.e. by a signed form) to charge higher than the filed (with the State, if applicable in your state) rate. **** More information** To elaborate on the above answer, Florida is a good example of a state that allows Consent to Rate - these forms must be signed prior to binding. the resons for consent to rate would be Unable to Obatin Coverage at the filed rate, Unfavorable loss experience, unusual hazards or claims activity and such. Source: Commercial Insurance Workers Compensation Expert

Can a teenager buy young drivers insurance without parental consent?

If the teenager is added to the parents' insurance, then consent is automatic as it is the parents who make the arrangement. As to whether a teenager can buy his or her own policy without parental consent, that may vary from company to company and state to state. Is is best to check with an independent insurance agent who is authorized to speak for several different companies, and will know any applicable state regulations.

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