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Yes, if she did not have valid coverage at the time the claims were submitted.

2006-08-17 16:28:48
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Does California tax life insurance payouts?

No California does not tax life insurance payouts. Life insurance benefits are tax free in all of the United States.

Are life insurance payouts taxable?

Life Insurance payouts are income tax free. More info see the attached link.

What company in South Carolina has the best fire damage insurance ?

In a recent survey Nationwide Mutual Insurance company was rated the best fire insurance provider. The ratings looked at covered events, average payouts, and many other metrics.

How much can I expect in annuity payouts from my insurer?

There is no restriction on how much you can get in annuity payouts from your insurer. The annuity payouts depend on the plans and coverage and also the insurance company.

What is the estimated figure of insurance payouts regarding car insurance in 2006 in the UK?


What is the surviving spouse eligible for after a death?

life insurance payouts

Do they tax insurance?

no Generally, insurance payouts are non-taxable. More information is needed to answer specifically.

Is health insurance taxed?

no Generally, insurance payouts are non-taxable. More information is needed to answer specifically.

Do you pay taxes on fire insurance payouts?

no, as claims under fire insurance are totally tax free

What is the difference between whole and universal life insurance?

Whole life insurance is less flexible then universal life insurance when it comes to premiums and payouts.

Does the insurance pay primarily the car that is driven?

There are man parts to an insurance policy providing many different types of payouts to multiple parties.

How does the definition of liability apply to insurance claims?

The definition of liability in insurance claims means that the insured is protected in case they are sued. This coverage includes legal costs and payouts.

What types of protection does professional indemnity insurance provide?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect professionals from claims made against them by clients. It may cover legal fee's involved and even payouts resulting from a law suit.

WWhat casino slot games have the best payouts?

The casino slot games with the best payouts are cards and dice.

What is the average settlement for pain and suffering from a car accident?

Where I live, Alberta Canada, the maximum by law is $3000.00 Jurisdictions where the govenment was not influenced by the Insurance Companies often have higher payouts

i want to know about my life and futherand im really excited about that?

There are a number of life insurance calculators online. You can also speak to your insurance agent for details about the future value of a policy. There are several online sites that features actuarial tables for life insurance and that detail the payouts on specific types of policies. A life insurance calculator does not determine your life or your future.

What Annuity is best if you are dying and you want to guarantee payments to spouse for 20 years?

annuity payments can be structured for 20 years certain or other term/period certain payouts. Other optional annuity forms of payouts are also available from insurance companies underwriting annuity contracts such as life and joint/survivor payout options.

Are Disability insurance payments taxable?

Depends. If you paid the premiums with after-tax dollars, then the payouts are tax-free. However, if your employer paid them and did not dedcut them from your pay, then your payouts are taxable. In addtion to that, if you split the cost of the premiums with your employer, and your half was paid with after-tax dollars, than the same percentage your employer paid is the percentage of payout that becomes taxable.

What can one do with the EL insurance in the UK?

Employers liability protects an employer in the United Kingdom against liabilities in the workplace. An example of this includes covering payouts should an accident happen at work.

Do you have prize winning payouts?

no soz .haha

Is there a cap on social security payouts?


Can casino alter slot machine payouts?


How to change beneficiary on my life insurance policy?

In case you are not aware, You can nominate more than one person for your life insurance policy. But it is not advisable as at the time of claim, payouts can happen only on 1 name & in such scenario, insurance companies ask for NOC from other nominee. You can change your beneficiary/ nominee by just completing the formalities of the insurance companies, in most of the companies it is a single pager form.

What is the job description for a probate attorney?

A probate attorney advises and helps in the probate process. This includes management of estates, securing life insurance payouts, details of appropriate retirement plans, et cetera.

If you incur medical expenses for cancer and have private medical insurance that covers cancer is the insurance payout considered taxable income?

No. You have already paid taxes on the money that you used to pay the insurance premiums.I am an insurance agent that works for a company that sells cancer insurance. Your payouts MAY be subject to taxation if your premiums were paid through your employer, and they pre-taxed them. It is important to seek the advice of a tax professional to ensure that you report all necessary income.