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Occupational health doctors and orthopedic specialists are both doctors and as such, would not be able to overrule one another. The final decision for a course of treatment rests with a patient, or his or her family.

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What is the formal name for a hand doctor?

Orthopedic Hand Specialist

What kind of doctor should i see for slipping rib?

orthopedic specialist.

What do orthopedic doctor do?

conditions or complaints when one should visit an orthopedic spine joint specialist vs a chiropractor

What is another name for a person who specializes in bones?

orthopedic (doctor/specialist/surgeon)

Severe pain is on the right shoulder joint which specialist should you go?

If it is only the joint, you would find an orthopedic doctor who specializes in shoulders.

How can we straiten the baby's leg when it looks like a bend?

Don't attempt to straighten it yourself! Take the baby to the doctor who may refer you to an orthopedic specialist.

When to See an Orthopedic Doctor?

Having a broken or dislocated bone can be a recovery process that involves the care of an orthopedic doctor. When people are diagnosed as having an injury, the treating physician often refers the person to an orthopedic doctor. This specialist can set casts and perform surgery to restore a patient's movement. Recovering from a broken bone can take several weeks of being in a cast, during which the patient will remain under this specialist's care.

How is occupational asthma diagnosed?

An allergist, occupational medicine specialist, or a doctor who treats lung disease performs a thorough physical examination and takes a medical history that explores: the kind of work the patient has done.

What type of specialist doctor would you refer a 7 month old child to to check for possible DDH?

Child with DDH should be shown to an orthopedic surgeon.

What kind of doctor deals with the arm?

orthopedic doctor

What do you mean by Doctor by symptoms?

Actually, doctor by symptom is a facility which providing doctor according to your disease. Just think if you have backbone problem so you have to consult with the orthopedic specialist so, you'll be directed to the right doctors or a specialist on the basis of your symptoms of a disease. This facility is provided by very few healthcare portals like Mediklik.

What do you call a doctor whom specializes in cast and brace application?

A doctor specializing in cast and brace application is an orthopedic doctor. They are also referred to as orthopedic surgeons.

best orthopedic doctor in middlesex county ,nj?

The best in the area is the Orthopedic Associates University: Coyle Jr Michael P MD does an orthopedic doctor prescribe pain medication

What do you call Doctor Who is treats bones?

An orthopedic doctor/surgeon.

What do you call a hand doctor?

An Orthopedic doctor

Is a orthopedic doctor same as a orthopedist doctor?

Yes, they are synonyms.

What is the medical term meaning bone doctor?

An orthopedist is a specialist in the treatment of the bones and joints. Either an orthopedic surgeon (orthopod) or rheumatologist - depending if the problem is surgical or medical (respectively).

What kind of doctor fixes a broken arm?

An orthopedic doctor/surgeon.

What is the medical term meaning specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders involving the bones joints and muscles?

A myologist is a muscle specialist, but most people wiil see an orthodpedist fro care of bones, joints, or muscles.An orthopedic doctor. If the pain in bones and joints is related to arthritis then the doctor is called a rheumatologist.

What is a spine doctor called?

orthopedic surgeons

Type of doctor for leg braces?


What do you call a childrens specialist doctor?

A child specialist doctor is known as a 'paediatrician'.

What type of doctor specializes in spine health?

Orthopedic doctors take care of spine health. My brother went to an orthopedic doctor for his back problem. Orthopedic doctors specialize in bones which includes spinal problems.

Are orthopedic doctors the same as orthopedic surgeons?

No a doctor doesn't do surgery's normally surgeons are specialised in surgery's

Where is it possible to find an orthopedic doctor?

An orthopedic doctor can be found with the aid of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. In addition to this, they can be found using the WebMD physician directory.

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