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You can get pregnant at any moment during your cycle, even DURING your period.

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Q: Can an unprotected sex two days after periods lead to a pregnancy?
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Can lead to pregnancy?

Unprotected intercourse, or not using contraception, between a fertile woman and a fertile man can lead to pregnancy.

After how many days woman become pregnant?

Woman can get pregnancy with the first sexual contact. At times the exploring of the mutual sex organs can lead to pregnancy. Normally the woman gets pregnancy with in one to two years of unprotected sexual intercourse.

You had unprotected sex 11 days after your period had started how likely is it that you may be pregnant you had been drinking heavily that night and am 24 if this has any effect?

Any unprotected vaginal intercourse can lead to pregnancy. You should see a sexual health or family planning practitioner to arrange a confidential pregnancy test and to be checked for the various sexually transmitted diseases you may have come into contact with.

Why is your period 4 days late?

Well it could be pregnancy but if you are going through puberty it could just be that your period is not regulated yet. Stress, illness and/or and extreme change in diet can lead to irregularity of your periods. If your periods have been consistent and this problem persists, you might consider contacting your doctor or taking a pregnancy test.

How high is the possibility of pregnancy after intercourse?

well it depends. unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy,high risk. many people use the "morning after pill that can prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.the sooner you take it,the better .

What is the effect of taking cyclenorm E and P during pregnancy within first 45 days Will taking these pills lead to an abortion will it in any way effect future plans to get pregnant Please?

Cyclenorm E&P is a birth control pill. They are used for preventing pregnancy and also for regulating periods in case of hormonal imbalances or poly cystic ovaries. They can not be used for abortion and will have no effect on a pregnancy. If they are taken continuously through out a pregnancy there can be fetal damage though. And no, it will not lead to any effect on future pregnancies.

How are teens affected by HIV and aids?

Its lack of knowledge that lead them to do a unprotected sex

Can kissing on lips to lips leads to pregnancy?

No not just from kissing on the lips. But it could lead to intercourse which yes can lead to pregnancy.

Is too much clear sticky discharge bad for a woman?

Not at all. Your vaginal discharge changes throughout your menstrual cycle. What you're describing sounds like spinnbarkeit or eggwhite cervical fluid. It is produced during the 3-4 days prior to ovulation and signals that unprotected sex during this time may lead to pregnancy.

How peer pressure might contribute to the spread of hepatitis B?

This happens when peer pressure forces you into unprotected sex. And unprotected sex lead to sickness such as hepatitis B

Can a touch of sexual organs lead to pregnancy?


Is one day intercourse lead to pregnancy?

It can.

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