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Yes, if they don't know how to spell.

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Is the national guard and Texas national guard the same?

Yes. Each state has National Guard units.

What are the unit listings for Texas National Guard?

Bear in mind that the National Guard comprises both the Army National Guard and Air National Guard. The major subordinate commands of the Texas Army National Guard and Air National Guard are listed in the corresponding Wikipedia articles for each, which you can access by clicking the related links at the bottom.

What did Bush do in the Texas National Guard?

He was a pilot

What president flew f102 in National Guard?

George W. Bush, with the Texas Air National Guard.

Can I find discharge records from Ar. National Guard?

Every state should have a "your state" Army (Air) National Guard OTAG-Office of the Adjudent General. Sample: Texas Army National Guard-OTAG, or Oregon Air National Guard, etc. Contact them.

What person is commander in chief of the Texas National Guard?

When National Guard troops are called to federal service, the President serves as Commander-in-Chief, so that's who it is.

Was George W. Bush in the military?

No, he was in the Texas Air National Guard.

Which president was a pilot in Texas air National Guard?

George w. Bush

Was gw bush in the navy?

Between 1968 and 1974, George W. Bush served in the Texas Air National Guard and Alabama Air National Guard, becoming a first Lieutenant.

Who was the Left guard for Texas in the 2005 season the Horns won the National Championship?

Kasey Studdard

What president was a air National Guard member?

George W. Bush was a lieutenant in the Texas Air National Guard from May 1968 until November 1974. President John Kennedy was a naval lieutenant in WW2 serving as a PT boat commander and was honorably discharged 2 years before the Air National Guard was established as an independent service. President John Kennedy was a air national guard member.

how do i get to gatesville national guard offices once i get into gatesville.?

State of Texas National Guard: Det 2 HHC 3rd Batt 141 Infantry is at 3301 E Main St, Gatesville, TX - (254) 865-9340

What plane did George W Bush fly after training at the Texas air National Guard?

f-102 Delta Dagguer

What government job did George W. Bush have?

President of the US, Governor of Texas, officer, Air National Guard

What was George W Bush former occupation before president?

Pilot for Texas Air National Guard, Owner of Oil & Gas Business, Managing Partner of Texas Rangers Baseball Team, Govenor of Texas.

What is an African American soldier on the Texas frontier called?

An African American soldier on the frontier is called a Buffalo Soldier.

Were can you find a security guard class in Dallas Texas?

One can find security guard clasess at a place called Security Exchange. A person can get a security guard license from this company in Dallas, Texas.

Which division did Audie Murphey belong to?

15th Infantry regiment, 3rd Infantry Division (US Army) and 36th Infantry Division (Texas National Guard)

What has the author Harry McCorry Henderson written?

Harry McCorry Henderson has written: 'History of the 141st Infantry, 36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard'

What is the only national park in Texas?

Big Bend National Park in West Texas is the largest National Park in Texas but there is one more called Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

List college basketball national champions?

texas texas texas texas

What are some interesting things about George W. Bush?

He was a Texas National Guard Pilot who later became and oilman, owner of the Texas Rangers as well. He also drives his own Ford F-250 pickup. He doesn't like to be driven in a limousine. His ranch in Texas is called the Texas White House.

How many people are in the Texas coast guard?


Who is Nick Russell?

He is a point guard for a team in Texas

Was George W. Bush in the military service?

Yes, he was in the Texas Air National Guard. He started in May 1968 and got honorably discharged on November 21, 1974