Can angelfish live with catfish?

It depends on the catfish. if it is a small catfish ( 1-5 inches) sometimes the angelfish will try to eat it. if it is a medium sized catfish (6-9inches) you will be fine. BUT if you get a large catfish (10 inches and over) it will terrorize your angelfish by nipping at the angelfishes fins and if big enough will eat it. some of the catfish you can mix is a Cory catfish, Redtail catfish, upside down catfish and rubber lip catfish but that is all. Another thing is you should get the fish when they are young because angelfish are territorial.

one last thing is that to mix the two fish you should get a tank 25 gallons or over or they will be too crammed and die even though 25 gallons is pretty large angelfish can grow up to 10 inches and all of the catfish that can mix can grow up to 7 inches