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Yes, the THC in marijuana sticks to the lungs when inhaled, so if second hand marijuana smoke is blow into an animals face, in theory they would be inhaling THC, the chemical that gets you "high," so they would in fact become high, however there is no way of telling if it gets them high, the only scientific proof of an enjoyable high in animals is with cats.

AnswerWhat the real question, I believe, is "Can animals receive effects from second-hand Marijuana smoking". The answer, is yes. Indeed, many animals receive some sort of effect from cannibus sativa and cannibus indica, depending on the strain they may experience feelings from sleepiness to paranoia to hunger, much like humans. Dogs and Cats can actually be subjected to psychedelic through the exhaling of smoke into their ears. However, this is not recommended
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Q: Can animals get high from human contact?
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