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Can animals see spirits?

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Ghosts, or spirits, have never been proven to exist, so it is intellectually responsible and prudent to conclude they do not exist.

In order to make sense of our world, we must use the scientific method, not spooky stories, opinions, hoaxes or outright lies by people who need attention or need to feel special. Other believers may be uneducated, superstitious or just too young and naive.

The Scientific method refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Scientific researchers propose hypotheses as explanations of phenomena, and design experimental studies to test these hypotheses. These steps must be repeatable in order to dependably predict any future results. Theories that encompass wider domains of inquiry may bind many independently derived hypotheses together in a coherent, supportive structure. This in turn may help form new hypotheses or place groups of hypotheses into context.

Among other facets shared by the various fields of inquiry is the conviction that the process must be objective to reduce biased interpretations of the results. Another basic expectation is to document, archive and share all data and methodology so they are available for careful scrutiny by other scientists, thereby allowing other researchers the opportunity to verify results by attempting to reproduce them. This practice, called full disclosure, also allows statistical measures of the reliability of these data to be established.

In summation: For something to exist it has to be proven. This is how we escaped the dark ages - using reason and logic.So, for now, ghosts do not exist.

AnswerI believe they do as well as children. Animals can see and hear much more than we can. Most animals can sense when a tornado is coming or an earthquake long before we can. I've read a lot about spirits (or ghosts if you would prefer) and it seems children are far more prone to seeing them and dogs or cats will often stare in a direction of a room and either wag their tail or growl. AnswerMost probably No. But, maybe they can sense the energy emitted by the spirit. Maybe a thought-energy that survived the death of a person. Maybe.... AnswerMostly dogs can see ghosts and my 2 friends have seen a ghost in the school library at Eagle Point Elementary.
2010-09-13 19:10:24
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Can dog see ghosts?

animals can actually see spirits/denons better than humans.

Do cats see angels?

It is said that animals can see spirits. Whether they mean ghosts or angels depends on who someone is talking to.

Can cats have evil spirits?

No animals are said to have spirits/souls.

Why can you see spirits?

If they don't choose to be invisible and they want you to see them you can.It is a gift to see spirits.

Can dogs see spirits in houses?

Some people say that babies and animals are more aware of spirtual activity so I say yes they can see ghosts.

Do you see spirits when you are a baby?

There is no evidence to confirm nor refute the claim that infants see spirits.

Can you see spirits?

There have been many cases as people seeing spirits or even ghost you can even see the little things such as dog or cat spirits!

Can babies see spirits?

No because babies cant see and they can not remember, but a dog can hear sounds you cannot and see the spirits of the dead

Can you partially see spirits?


How does the battle over the windmill affect the animals?

It gets destroyed and the animal spirits are temporarily break their spirits.

What is a belief in spirits belonging to animals?

I think it is nature

Can dogs see spirits?

Yes dogs can see spirits. Most animals can. If you see a dog barking at a wall or a cat running away or hiding from a certain spot it is most likely a ghost. Don't just go everywhere thinking a dog is barking at that trash can it must be a ghost! It might just be a animal in that trash can. Hope I helped

How do you know if you have a gift to see spirits?

I seriously doubt that something like that even exists - the spirits, and the gift of seeing them. But anyway, I wouldn't worry about this, unless you do actually see something, which MAY be spirits. If you do, you need to do some tests, to discard other explanations (including hallucinations). For example, if the spirits reveal some information to you which you would not otherwise be able to know... well, that would not be absolute proof, but it would at least make the assumption, that you see spirits, more likely.

How do you hear and see spirits?

By using your imagination.

Why cant you see spirits but they can see us?

Some spirits you can see but you have to look hard, I don't think they can see us you might have to have a professional look at that part. -P.I.H.C. (Paranormal Investigators of Hardin County)

What is the meaning of 'animal spirits'?

This means just what it says - the spirits of animals. Native peoples believe that everything on Earth has a spirit or soul.

How do you find spirits?

what kind of spirits? if you mean duel spirits you can only see them on the show. if you mean a card that lists spirit next to its effect then you have to buy or trade for them.

What is mimi aboriginal art?

Aboriginal Mimi art is art about animals, humans or spirits where you see the skeletal make-up of the organism, not the skin. You sometimes also see the organs. they are traditionally from the Katherine region in NT.

Did Native Americans have gods?

yes. and no. they did not have "gods" as you would, but they had "spirits" that were everywhere. There were spirits in the ground and in the water, in the animals and trees. However, they did not have what we would think of as "gods".

Do you why people see spirits?

To help them reach understanding.

Do dogs really see spirits and death?


What do you do with kids that can see and feel ghosts and spirits?

Kill them!

Can baby spirits talk?

yes they can they can see and talk

Do animals have spirits?

First Answer:No, only human beings have a spirit. The eternal spirit which lives on in Heaven or Hell, then no, animals don't have spirits, only humans do. Don't expect to see your pet dog or cat there.Answer 2:Animals too have a spirit. Actually, scientifically explaining the spirit, it is a field. The field-intensity may vary between human and animal.

Do Hindus believe animals have spirits?

yes they think the mighty god will one day send the animals to control us