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Animals could survive without frogs if they have any other kind of diet but while that some animals need to eat fles to survive just like an anteater need ants in their diet.

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Q: Can animals survive without flies
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What role does nitrogen play to ensure the continuity of life?

nitrogen is the main nutrient for plants without it plants cant survive without plants herbivorous animals cant survive without them carnivorous animals cant survive without either of them omnivorous animals cant survive

How do animals with no hair survive?

They survive in different habitats. Animals with hair can survive in cold and warm places, and animals without hair survive in warm places.

What do anaerobic animals not need to survive?

Anaerobic animals (and other substances) survive without oxygen.

What animals do not have to drink water?

All animals have to drink to survive, but animals like the camel can survive for weeks without water.

Can animals survive without their habitats?

no they can't.

Why lily plant cannot survive without water?

There are no plants nor animals that can survive without water.

Will warm blooded animals survive without heat energy?

They would not survive.

How do animals survive without food and water?

They don't

Can animals or plants survive without centrioles?


Can a white peacock survive without eating?

No, they cannot survive without eating. All animals need to eat.

How do plants survive without water?

Plants cannot survive without water, they are like Humans and animals without water we will all die.

What animals can survive without food for a long time?

Animals that hibernate and cold blooded animals living in warm climates can survive for extended periods without eating (hibernating bears can go without food for 3 or 4 months

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