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Can animals understand other animals?

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2020-05-25 16:01:30

To a limited degree. Two dogs understand the difference between "I'm mad at you" (snarling) and "I like you" (wagging tail). Honeybees, upon finding flowers, return to their hive and do a dance which tells the other bees in the hive the direction to fly to get to the food.

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2020-05-22 12:53:01


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2020-05-22 09:34:26

My Dog understands me, I am not a dog.

My dog barks to warn me if anyone is on our drive, I understand him

My dog will howl if he hears an ice cream van to let me know i need to find a £1

If a bird gives a warning call to its flock other animals can recognize the warning and be alert

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2010-12-08 07:04:07

Most animals can understand things that other animals motion, or

use vocals. They lick each other, beat each other, growl, etc.,

so.... yes. Animals can understand each other.

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