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YEP cuz someone says that theyll give someone their dragon fable acount with a dragon amulet on it

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Can anyone give me a dragonfable account with dragon amulet or an aq account?

yes the user name is _zarrar and the password is dragonfable get it before someone else does

Can a kind person give you a free dragonfable with a dragon amulet account?

can a kind person give me a free dragon amulet email in dragonfable

Does anyone have a Dragon Amulet account that they can give you?

I play DragonFable and I say no, because the system will not let you. Seriously, I've tried. ;)

How do you get dragonlord class in AQWorlds?

You have to link your Dragonfable Dragon Amulet account to your AQWorlds account.

Free Dragonfable Amulet account?

No one will tell you how to get a free Dragon Amulet account. As the only way to get one is to pay.

How do you get more dragonfable characters?

By either activating your account, or buying a dragon amulet.

Does anyone have a dragonfable account that they dont want that has a da?

i am sorry but no one will give you a free dragon amulet account but for a price maybe people not me will give you he is right

How do you get more than one charcter on dragonfable?

activate your account or buy a dragon amulet.

What is the da quest in dragonfable?

DA quests on Dragonfable are quests that are only available for people who have purchased a Dragon Amulet for their account.

How do you become a dragon lord on dragonfable?

you just need a dragon amulet and if you do, you can go to aq.com and verify it as long as you have a account there.

How do you grow a dragon without a dragon amulet on dragonfable?

you can't you need a dragon amulet for 1.79

What do you do after you get the dragon in dragonfable?

get a dragon amulet and you can use your big dragon

Dragonfable how to get dragon amulet?

Dragon Amulets cost real money. There is a link to upgrading your account on the main Dragonfable.com website.

How do you get a dragon on dragonfable?

To recive a dragon on Dragonfable, you must purchase a $20 Dragon Amulet. This allows your baby dragon to grow.

How do you unlock the dragonlord shop in aqw?

Your account must be verified with a DragonFable Dragon Amulet account to access the dragonlord shop. In other words, you must be a member in the game DragonFable.

How do you be a guardian in dragonfable?

you either need to get a dragon amulet or you need a dragon amulet and pay for guardianship seperatly. yes, you must pay for a dragon amulet

How do you obtain a free dragon amulet on dragonfable?

you cannot obtain the Dragon amulet without Buying it from the site

Who can give you a dragonfable account with dragon amulet or an aq guardian?

Yes the dragonfable account has 50 lv and the blade of awe the aq account is a X-gaurdian lv 200 with twin blades of awe

How do you verify your Guardian adventure quest account on dragonfable?

you have to get a difrent gardian to verfiey u or geta dragon amulet

How do you get a house in dragonfable?

to get a house, you will need a dragon amulet. after you get a dragon amulet, go to falconreach and the option to get a house will be on the screen

How do you get free dragonamulet on dragonfable?

It is not possible to get a free Dragon Amulet.

How do you get dragon coins in dragonfable withouth dragon amulet?

You either buy the coins directly without buying a dragon amulet or win a contest in the forums.

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