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Can anyone read what questions you put down on WikiAnswers?

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Yes. Anyone can read and answer the questions on WikiAnswers.

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Does WikiAnswers have to do with wikepedia at all?

No. However, the coincidence in names provides a fun tidbit. A wiki is defined as "A collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it" - both WikiAnswers and Wikipedia are plays on this word: WikiAnswers is a site where anyone can ask, answer, and edit questions, whereas Wikipedia is a wiki-encyclopedia which anyone can read or edit.

Is WikiAnswers real?

Yes, indeed. WikiAnswers is real. There are real people (like me) who take the time to answer questions. The fun part about WikiAnswers is that anyone can answer any question. So if you have any knowledge, or like research, or even just like to read, then WikiAnswers is the place for you.

Why are you reading this question?

WikiAnswers is a Q&A website. This means that people ask questions, then anyone can read the question and answer it. You probably asked this question as a joke, however the site is designed to show people different questions they can read and learn things about, and to give them a chance to answer the questions they read. I don't know nobody has answered one of my questions.

Does anyone ever answer these questions How do you read the responses?

Yes, we read these questions, check the responses at where you posted these questions

Does anyone here read warriors?

Yes, there are people on WikiAnswers who read the warriors series.

Do you actually read my question when I send it to you?

ALL questions on WikiAnswers get read eventually ! MOST even get answered !

Can anyone read this question that I have submitted to WikiAnswers?

Yes, even non-members can view every question on WikiAnswers. yes.says KOTY30.

How can you make your message board private?

On WikiAnswers, you cannot make your message board private. The message board is available for viewing by anyone on WikiAnswers.When you write a message, this little message appears below the box you type in:"This page isn't private. Although this is for messages to [user], anyone can read what's here. Also, this space isn't for asking questions. That's what the rest of WikiAnswers is for!"

Why are there weird answers on WikiAnswers?

Yeah, but you hav'nt heard not'n till you read some of the questions!

How do you add your signature to a WikiAnswers comment?

If you read the terms of use, since anyone can answer, answers are not to be signed.

Has anyone read Cry the Beloved Country If so please HELP?

yes i have read it... wats your questions?

What is chapter six about in hoot?

i don't know i haven't read that book if you read it you'll find out . don't ask these questions please by :the creator of WikiAnswers

Why won't WikiAnswers answer questions?

WikiAnswers will answer questions ! You have to remember - this is not a 'live' site (like a chat room) - it's a forum. People post their questions, and users browse the questions when they log-in. Different users like different questions, therefore - you need to be patient enough to wait for someone to read your question (Including this one) - before they can answer it !

You have questions about the Depo-Provera bc?

Please feel free to ask them on WikiAnswers and to read the questions and answers in this section: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/FAQ/653

How long would it take to read every question on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers does not provide statistics on how many questions have been asked, but they do provide statistics on how many questions have been answered, so we will use that number.As of 3/4/12 there are 15,338,154 answers.Assuming that questions take an average of 4 questions to read:(15,338,154) * (4) = 61,352,616 seconds.Minutes: 1,022,543,000,000,000,000Hours: 17,042,000,000,000,000Days: 710,000,000,000,000

How do WikiAnswers answer questions so quick?

Wiki has a wide audience so this means lots of people take the time to read and participate by giving answers to the questions such as yours asked :)

Why is WikiAnswers so wiki?

It won't be so "wiki" until you've read the Terms & Conditions and you agree that you will ask positive questions.

How many times does the average question on WikiAnswers get read?

According to Quantcast, 67.7 million viewed a page on the WikiAnswers section of Answers.com during the 6 months ending 7/13/2010. There are 9,097,884 answered questions on WikiAnswers as of 7/13/2010.

What to do during a snow storm?

Make a cuppa <><><> Good start. Read a book. Clean your room. Answer questions on WikiAnswers. Play in the snow. Shovel the driveway.

Does anyone type in this answear?

Yes. Ordinary people sitting at their own computers read the questions and type in answers.

Who leads the boys when they get to the ledge in chapter 6 of the Lord of the Flies?

Wikianswers does not provide answers to assignments or homework questions. Furthermore, it appears that you have not read the assigned material.

How many people in subcontinent read English newspaper?

Which sub continent? when asking questions of WikiAnswers please be specific - people from all over the world answer the questions and they can have no idea where you are located unless you make your question very clear.

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