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Yes, we read these questions, check the responses at where you posted these questions

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Can anyone read what questions you put down on WikiAnswers?

Yes. Anyone can read and answer the questions on WikiAnswers.

Has anyone read Cry the Beloved Country If so please HELP?

yes i have read it... wats your questions?

Why are you reading this question?

WikiAnswers is a Q&A website. This means that people ask questions, then anyone can read the question and answer it. You probably asked this question as a joke, however the site is designed to show people different questions they can read and learn things about, and to give them a chance to answer the questions they read. I don't know nobody has answered one of my questions.

Does anyone type in this answear?

Yes. Ordinary people sitting at their own computers read the questions and type in answers.

Are you really telling me the answers personally?

We answer the questions people ask - anyone can read the answers - not just the person asking the question.

What is the House of the scorpion?

It's is the worst book I have ever read. I don't know why anyone likes this book

Does Lady Gaga ever read the questions about her on this web sit?

Of Course lady gaga is the type of person that loves her fans

What is the conflict of Christmas carol?

That's a beautiful book by Charles Dickens. My best advice ever: Read it yourself. After you have read it, come back with new questions and we can share our views.

Who makes the funniest WikiAnswer questions?

Anyone who thinks up of a question that is considered by others as funny. It could be yours truly, it could be you who read this question, or even the person who did not read or find this question.

Can anyone else read your message board?

Yes, anyone can read your message board.

Story of pilandok crosses the rive?

What the hell is this book. I dont think anyone has ever read it unless you know you that guy! hahaha

Why are almost ALL of my questions answered incorrectly doesn't anyone really read the entire question before responding?

Sir, there are many writers over here answering to the asked questions. you can't blame everyone.

Has anyone ever read a Harry Potter in a day?

This doesn't seem too difficult, at least with the first or second book. If you have enough time, you can easily read one of those in a day.

Does anyone even bother to even read my questions?

Of course we do ! You have to understand, however, that it might take some time for a suitably knowledgeable person to answer your specific question !

What games are played at a bridal shower?

A popular game at a bridal shower is 'read his mind'. A few weeks before the shower, get with the groom and ask him questions. Videotape his responses, and ask the bride-to-be the questions at the shower. Play the videotape with his responses. Another fun game is to pass out 5 or 6 bangle bracelets at the beginning of the shower with a frequently used word, such as wedding. Each time you hear someone say the word you get to choose one of their bracelets.

When was Why I Will Never Ever Ever Ever Have Enough Time to Read This Book created?

Why I Will Never Ever Ever Ever Have Enough Time to Read This Book was created in 2000.

What is the principle of nuclear fission?

Read "The making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes, it will answer all your questions better than could ever be done here.

What is parallelism in a sentence?

Here are some examples of parallel and non-parallel sentences:I like finding Internet questions, answering Internet questions, and reading the responses. (parallel)When I find an internet questions, I answer them and read the a response. (not parallel).Note how the bold words repeat the same structure as gerunds... (verb, adjective, noun).The second sentence has no similar structure and contains errors.

Does the real Robert Pattinson ever answer any of the questions asked on this site about Robert Pattinson?

of course not. he's a jerk who doesnt know how to get serious in life. no offence robs, if u ever read this:P

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