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Q: Can anyone who has seen the new Matt Damon movie tell me if The Informant deal at all with issues of white-collar crime or whistleblower protection laws in corporate America?
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What is a Corporate Protection Number?


What is the procedure for an executive for lifting a corporate veil?

Executives don't nessasarilarly have any corporate authority (authority to bind the corp). Officers of the corporation in pursuit of their duties to it do. Anything the executive does personnally, or signs for personally not as an officer of the corporation, doesn't have corporate is done indivdually. Anything the corporation does for itself has corporate protection.

Discuss the relationship between investor protection and corporate risk-taking?

no relationship

Can one obtain corporate identity protection?

"A few companies do offer corporate identity protection. It is not a very common idea at the moment, so some of the kinks are still being worked out, and some companies are much higher priced than others, but it is available."

Is Jurassic Park Trespasser under copyright protection?

Yes; as a corporate work, it will be protected through 2093.

What does professional limited liability co mean?

A limited Liability company is a Corporate variant wherein the investors enjoy legal protection of ones personal assets from the potential losses of the corporate venture.

What is Truprevent?

TruPrevent, which was introduced in 2003, is a set of technologies developed by Panda Security for proactive protection in home and corporate computers, as opposed to traditional antivirus products, which provide reactive protection.

Is privacy necessary?

Privacy is a very important need of the human psyche, but it is being eroded by governmental and corporate intrusion, requiring laws for its protection.

Why are corporate companies corporate?


Legal Protection for Whistleblowers?

In 1971, the federal government formed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect workers from dangerous working environments. As part of its official duties, OSHA formally created the Office of Whistleblower Protection (OWP). The role of OWP is to investigate claims of retaliation made by employees who reported illegal activity, an unsafe working environment or other wrongdoing by their employer. As its name implies, a whistleblower is one who makes a report to OSHA or OWP implicating their employer of unethical business practices.The Occupational and Safety Health ActAs part of the Occupational and Safety Health Act created by OSHA, employees who make a report on their employer are granted legal protection from being fired, demoted, transferred or disciplined for doing so. The guarantee of legal protection has made it possible for many employees to come forward over the years and report illegal business practices by their employers. As a direct result of these reports, the government has been able to stop Ponzi schemes, investor fraud and other corporate wrongdoing.Classifications of Whistleblower ProtectionFederal legislation that protects whistleblowers divides potential reports by employees into two different classifications. The first type is internal dangers, which refers to threats to employees while performing the duties of their job. This covers working conditions, human resources practices, illegal business practices by upper management and other violations of this nature.External threats under whistleblower protection laws refer to dangers to the general public. This could apply to companies that disregard environmental laws, manufacturers of prescription drugs, makers of automobiles and so forth. The illegal actions of company management or other employees must have a direct result on the health and well-being of their customers.After whistleblower laws had been in effect for several years, OSHA created separate classifications for airlines, nuclear power plants, consumer products and railroads because these industries can cause severe health threats to the public if established protocol is not followed.Resources for Employees Who Have Faced RetaliationUnder the mandates of the whistleblower laws, employers are prevented from taking any negative action against an employee who reported a violation in good faith. If any employee feels retaliation has occurred, he or she has 30 days to file a complaint and request OSHA to investigate.

Which corporate laptops have the highest security?

MacBook's always have the highest security. They are not nearly as prone to virus's as PC's and they have great security and memory. They have outstanding virus protection as well.

What has the author Nancy Frank written?

Nancy Frank has written: 'Corporate crime, corporate violence' -- subject(s): Commercial crimes, Consumer protection, Corporations, Corrupt practices, Criminal provisions, Industrial safety, Law and legislation, Offenses against the environment 'Controlling corporate illegality' -- subject(s): Corporation law, Criminal provisions, Trade regulation

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