Can babies survive SIDS?

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Back in 1959, Doctors didn't know much about SIDS. What we know now is that SIDS is not survivable. You most likely had an apnea event, you stopped breathing and started breathing again. There is no way to revive a SIDS baby. You were lucky but there is no such thing as a SIDS Survivor, unless you are referring to a parent who has survived the loss of their baby.

No, babies do not survive SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

They cannot survive or it wouldn't be sudden infant death.


I disagree. I am a SIDS survivor. When I was 2 months old, my 9 yo brother was watching me while my mom cooked dinner. He yelled, mom, mom, she's turning blue! My mom came, picked me up, patted me on the back and I started breathing again. She went back to cooking and again my brother yelled, mom, mom, she's turning blue. She took me to the hospital, where they said I survived crib death, now called SIDS. This was in 1959.

Many children have survived turning blue for reasons that were not explained, or explainable, at the time. By definition, sudden infant death syndrome is how we explain actual deaths after we rule out all known causes. As we get smarter, the category gets smaller, since we can explain a lot more of the causes of babies turning blue than we could when you and I were young. This will keep happening, and someday, with any luck, we'll find out what's killing the others and learn to treat it, too. Glad you're still around, though!

I also disagree. I have survived SIDS. Ten minutes after i was born, in 1993, i died in my aunties arms, and i do not know how they revived me. But i do know that i was to lay at an angle where my head was almost facing the floor and my feet were to the ceiling, for 14 months. I didn't turn blue or anything, i just died. I do not have any medical problems that i know of, so far. And i hope i never will.


Hi, it is possible to survive sids. One of my friends have and he is living very well!

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Q: Can babies survive SIDS?
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Why do babies die?

Infants sometimes die from SIDS.

Is there a place called SIDS for kids who get in trouble in lawton?

I can find none. SIDS is when babies die for unknown reasons.

How many babies die of SIDS each year?

10,000 so the risk of a baby getting this is a BIG possibilty....... Actually, not that big. About 1 in 1000 die. Look at it this way..Out of 1000 babies...999 will survive.

What season does SIDS for babies occur?

SIDS occurs in infants between 1 month and 1 year old. It does not discriminate by season.

Why did babies not die from sids in other generations?

They did, it just wasn't called that.

How babies die?

Babies can die from a number of things. Abuse, neglect, SIDs, disease. Babies CANNOT die from being wrapped too tightly. You're supposed to swaddle them when they're newborns. Honestly, babies can die just like anyone else. There has to either be something seriously wrong with the baby or SIDS can kill them. But new research has discovered that SIDs is linked to certain shots given to infants.

What causes sids?

People don't know yet, but it has something to do with a baby on her stomach. Vaccine reactions cause a lot of the SIDS. Many babies cannot handle the toxins

Risk factor of smokingfor SIDS?

The exact connection has not been identified but the research has shown there are a greater number of babies that die from sids when the parents smoked while pregnant and even after the baby is born.

What does the acronym SIDS stand for?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome That happens more in male babies then female.

How many babies survive everyday?

There is really no telling how many babies survive everyday.

At what age does SIDS usually affect babies?

The affect of SIDS usally occurs between 2 and four months but can also occur any time between 1 month and one year of age. the effect of sids a great dent to the mothers heart.(not literlly) The mother and other family members will be in great grief over theeffect of sids on their infant child.

Can you smoke while breastfeeding?

It's not a good idea. Smoking increases the risk of SIDS.

Is a collapsed skull a result of a SIDS death?

No it is not. Some people place their babies on their backs so much that a baby will get a flat head. Babies need tummy time when awake.

Who can you contact for more information about SIDS?

SIDS Alliance: (800) 221-SIDS San Diego Guild for Infant Survival: (619) 222-9662 California SIDS program: (800) 369-SIDS SIDS Massachusetts Center: (617) 534-SIDS i am doing a reseach about sids and i have to have all differtant thing about itcan you send me paper about it please

How do sharks raise there babies?

they don't the babies have to survive on their own

How can breastfeeding help prevent SIDS?

Research has not been able to identify exactly "how" it helps to reduce the incidence of Sids death. It is suggested it might be due to the fact that breastfed babies wake frequently for feeds and do not get into as deep of a sleep cycle.

How is SIDS treated?

SIDS can't be treated. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So if your child had SIDS that means your child is now dead. There are ways to prevent SIDS from occurring though.

What age is SIDS most likely to occur?

From ages 2 to 4 months. Babies can pass from 1 month to 1 year.

Why do babies eat?

babies eat so they can survive and not die of starvation

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Will a turner syndrome baby live?

2% of unborn babies with Turners survive to birth. Babies with Turners who survive to birth live.

How can you tell if your baby has SIDS or any signs of SIDS?

There are no signs to tell if your baby will pass to SIDS. SIDS is sudden & silent & unexpected. There is no way to tell until your baby is gone.

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