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Bad credit can be erased legally by sending certified letters to the credit reporting agencies disputing information found in the reports. If the credit agencies cannot provide proof of the debt or validate it then legally the debt is removed from one's credit report. Alternatively, one can contact the creditor and request that the debt be removed if exchanged for a pay off.

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Is bad credit erased in 7 years?

NO. If you have bad credit, it will only be erased if you make it better. Paying bills on time, paying more than is due on payments and staying within your spending budget is a way to build your bad credit into good credit.

Is having no credit the same as having bad credit?

no, it is a thin file and will show as a 0, bad credit will show a score of 350-less than 600

If you file bankruptcy then get married does your spouse get bad credit too?

No, your credit works independently of each other. Most couples share bad credit because they share the liability for the credit accounts. Thus, when they fall behind on payments both their credit is affected. In the case where credit was obtained independently of each other, the bad credit will not carry over to the other upon marriage unless the spouse agrees to becomes a co-signer and agrees to become legally obligated for the debt.

How can one erase bad credit quickly?

Bad credit can be erased through the removal of past due bills. Paying bills and invoices that are past due is of a high priority as they are highly damaging to a persons credit. Having a large gap between balances on a credit card, and the credit limit is helpful to a credit score.

How long does bad credit affect your credit score?

as long as your credit file contains negative information it will always impact your credit score

Is a bad debt erased after 7 years?

No it is NOT! You have to get your credit report to see when the creditor last updated their report to the credit reporting agency. If the creditor chooses to report this bad debt every month than your bad debt will only be erased from the last update. For example: You have a bad debt from a Sears credit card from Jan of 2010. Each month Sears has reported your bad debt to Trans Union or one of the other agencies. The new date is from the last time they updated your credit report NOT from Jan of 2010. They can update it every month for the next 20 years and it will stay as a bad debt and ruin your credit report score. Legal to do it too.

How do you open a back account using an TIN number?

You really need the proper knowledge before attempting this approach. As an excert from Phil Turner's Book The Credit Bible states: = = = The Truth About File Segregation: = = "Can I Create A New Credit ID?" = = = You've probably seen the ads: "Legally create a new credit file!" For a fee and they will sell you the know-how so that you too can legally create a new credit file, supposedly, so that you can obtain loans and credit cards and overcome your bad credit rating. The question is, can you really create a new credit file? I have to be honest and technically give the answer yes, but its illegal and you could go to jail. Other will say no but I've seen this done successfully. However, if you get caught, you could, again go to jail. You don't have to pay anyone to tell you how you can create a new credit identity because I'm going to tell how it is done free of charge right now.

If you have a repossesion on your credit report when you file for bankruptcy will that be removed from your credit report?

No. The repossession will be its own listing. If is was including in the bankruptcy, it will be listed as 'included in bankruptcy' but it will still be listed as its own listing.UPDATE: Actually, you can force Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to remove a Bankruptcy from your credit report and you can do it legally using a federal law that is in place. Credit Bureaus MUST have "verifiable proof" of the "bankruptcy" in their files if they are going to report the negative item on your report. The dirty little secret the credit bureaus don't want you to know is that they do not have any "verifiable proof" in their files for any of the negative items on your credit report. The Federal Court that the bankruptcy was filed in may have this information on file but the credit bureaus don't. If you request the credit bureau to provide you with the "verifiable proof" that they have in their files they will remove the negative from your file.Not only can you get a Bankruptcy Legally Removed from your credit report but you can also get Foreclosures, Default Judgments, Tax Liens, Repos, collections etc...all removed. All negatives no matter how bad, how many or how recent ... they all can be removed legally!

How do you get bad credit taken off after the 7 years?

One thing you could do is file for bankrupsy.

How long does bad credit stay on file?

The length of time that bad credit stays on file depends on the type of credit and circumstances of each individual. Typically, accurate negative items can be reported for a period of seven years. However, there are exceptions. For example, bankruptcy information can be reported for 10 years. Repairing your credit can be done. You can get away from bad credit stigma with a little hard work on your part. Try contacting a trusted financial advisor or credit repair agency. They can help guide you toward repairing your credit. In the UK your credit file contains any adverse information relating to your poor credit history. All references to such a history, must by law in the UK, be removed from your credit file after six years including court judgements. Using credit repair agencies is not always the best solution and in some cases can damage your credit rating further. Ask at your local CAB for advice.

How much bad credit are you allowed to have to file bankruptcy?

It is more complicated than just having bad credit. When applying to file for bankruptcy, the court using a calculation that compares the amount of debt owed with your current (or foreseeable future) income. So it is the debt rather than the bad credit that allows you to file for bankruptcy. More specifically, your income will be calculated with exemptions such as rent and food to determine whether you can afford to pay 25 percent of your unsecured debt such as your credit card bills. Second, your income will be compared to your state's median (middle) income.

Had a bad credit rating its been 8 years since you had bad credit yet im still listed how do you get your name cleared?

If your bad rating is over 6 years old from date of last activity (DLA) and is still on your credit bureau. You should contact the credit bureau (Equifax, Trans Union, Experian) and request for it to be removed from your file.

Should I file for bankruptcy after a repossession and other bad debts piling up?

Only if you think that you cannot get out of the debt, or if your credit score is already very bad.

What is a bad credit report?

A report about your credit that is bad.

Will adding an authorized user with bad credit to your credit card effect your credit rating?

NO. IT wILL BE NOTED AS "A" FOR AUTHORIZED USER ON THAT persons credit file. it does does not increase or decrease your credit score. It should boost theirs in you pay the bill on time. JUDE KAGABINES LEXINGTON SC

Why did Henry Sampson invent the cell phone?

I erased the bad answer. your welcome.

Get bad credit loan in Ontario?

Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan.

You have 2 evictions on your file they were dismissed how do you get them off of your file?

First, How long has it been since you were serve with the evictions? It is the same as having bad credit issues. It ios reportable to your credit file. You have to wait for at least seven years before they can be cleared. In the mean time, send copiesof the letters that proved they were dismissed and challenge them with the Credit Bureaus. Worst thing is it will be with you for 7 years. i hope this was helpful.

What credit cards can be applied for with bad credit?

Having bad credit a person limits themselves greatly on what credit cards they can have. The only card offered to people with bad credit is the Premier Bank MasterCard.

How to obtain a mortgage with bad credit?

If you have a bad credit rating, you will have to pay a higher interest rate. This will be like a penalty for having bad credit.

How to get credit rating removed?

If the credit rating is factual then it can't be removed till 6-7 years has pasted. If the derog/negative information has past few years then it won't be very significant if you've paid and kept your balances low since then. If the consumer feels it's bad and has an explaination to a bad rating, he/she can put a consumer narrative on thier credit bureau. A consumer narrative is a brief explaination that can be put on the consumer's credit bureau file so that when a lender/merchant pulls a credit bureau file, they will know that the consumer has looked at thier own file and has given an explaination. If the credit rating is NOT factual then the consumer needs to report it to the credit bureau and to the merchant to investigate before correcting the rating.

Where can a person go to get information on mortgage lenders for bad credit?

There are a few websites where one can go to get information on mortgage lenders for bad credit. Realtor have an article on how to get a mortgage with bad credit. The Bad Credit Whiz website has a list of the top 10 bad credit mortgage companies.

How long does bad credit stay on your report?

legally , seven years under normal circumstances. id theft , if proven with the proper legal papers asap.

How can credit cards accumulate bad credit?

If you keep maxing out your credit card and spending unwisely this is a good way for your credit card to accumulate bad credit. Another irresponsible behavior that will show bad credit is by not paying your bills on time.

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