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Yes, I have done so without problems.

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Q: Can baking soda be used to raise total alkalinity in swimming pool?
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Does baking soda lower or raise ph in a swimming pool?

Neither. Baking soda raises the Total Alkalinity. Soda ash raises the pH.

Will chlorine shock raise the TA?

Chlorine will not raise the total alkalinity level in a pool. However, if you are trying to raise the total alkalinity, you can add small amounts of baking soda.

What do you use to raise the ph in a swimming pool?

the pH can be raised by adding an alkaline chemical such as soda ash (which also raises total alkalinity quite a bit) or borax (which has only a slight effect on total alkalinity), or by aeration of the water to outgas CO2 (which will raise pH with no impact on total alkalinity). Soda ash actually has very little effect on Total Alkalinity. Baking soda is the chemical to use to raise T/A.

Can you use baking soda on the pool?

Yes, to raise total alkalinity. It will not raise pH Total alkalinity (TA) is a buffer for pH. the higher the TA in a pool the harder it is to get the pH to move.

Is alkalinity dangerous for humans in swimming pools?

Alkalinity is not an actual "chemical", however if you are concerned about increasing the alkalinity in your swimming pool, you are perfectly safe. The chemical that increases "total alkalinity" in a swimming pool, is only baking soda. It wil not harm the human body!

Raise the pH of your swimming pool?

The recommended pH for pools is 7.2 - 7.8. Sodium bicarbonate or soda ash will raise the pH. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) will raise the Total Alkalinity. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) will raise the pH. They are not interchangeable.

How do you increase the PH level in a swimming pool?

Usually, but not always, low Total Alkalinity (T/A) and low pH go hand in hand. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) will raise the pH without significantly affecting T/A and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) will raise Total Alkalinity without significantly affecting the pH.

What will result if sodium bicarbonate is used to lower ph in a swimming pool?

Bicarbonate will RAISE the pH and total alkalinity.

How much baking soda to soften pool water?

Baking soda will not soften (remove calcium hardness) from pool water. It will raise total alkalinity.

How do you keep pool water good with baking soda?

Baking soda can be used to control acidity in swimming pools. Baking soda controls the Total Alkalinity Soda ash raises the pH or reduces the acidity.

Can you use baking soda in place of sodium carbonate for your pool?

Short answer yes. Baking soda is Sodium Bi-carbonate and it is used to increase your total Alkalinity. Some people even use it to raise their PH.

How do you lower total alkalinity and pH in swimming pool?

With the addition of muriatic acid.

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