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Can baking soda be used to remove green from hair caused by chlorine?

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I believe that you are to use vinegar to rid your hair of excessive chlorine. I also have heard that you can purchase a product called "swimmers"shampoo that will do the same thing. ( and smell better too). Another solution is to go to your stylist and they can "strip' your hair for a nominal charge. Thanks

answerI have removed excessive chlorine from blonde hair with a red color filler. Get it from a beauty supply store. I t looks like blood, but adds no color.
2011-09-12 15:14:05
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How do you clear up the chemical reaction caused when mixing baquacil and chlorine shock?

Baquacil makes a product called Chlorine Neurtalizer that can be used to remove the Chlorine, it may take several days for the green to filter through.

Will you hair go green if you go swimming after you dye your hair?

The chlorine in the swimming pool caused your hair to turn green

Used baking soda and chlorine tablets and pool is still green what do you do now?

baking soda actually raises pH so do not use. check pH level and get that straight first.

How do you get green out of your hair?

no joke but you put ketchup in it when your in the shower or you can use baking soda to get chlorine out of a competative swimmer i know these kind of things

Is chlorine invisible?

No. Chlorine is green.

What is the colour of chlorine?

the colour of Chlorine is green.

What color is chlorine?

Chlorine is yellow-green in color.Chlorine is a chemical widely used in cleaning products and in pool systems. Chlorine is a yellowish green color. The symbol for the chemical element Chlorine is Cl. Chlorine has also been used as a weapon.Chlorine is a yellow-green colour.

How do you get rid of really green water in above ground pool?

Green pool water is caused by algae. To remove the algae, bring the pH level of the water to 7.8, scrub the sides and bottom of the pool, shock the water with chlorine, then vacuum up all the dead algae.

Can your copper plumbing turn your blonde hair green?

when highlights become green it is usually caused by alot of chlorine in your water!its also caused by metallic salts in the water!you could bring a bottle of water to a garden centre and they can test it for you!

Why is your shower water turning your hair green?

Chlorine will turn hair green, but you shouldn't have chlorine in your shower.

What are the colors of chlorine?

chlorine gas is always green in colour.

Does all bleached hair go green in chlorine?

not necessarily, it depends how much chlorine you have in your pool. the more chlorine the better you have a chance of turning it green.

Which element is green?

Chlorine is a yellowish green element

Is chlorine blue?

No, it is green.

Why is chlorine called chlorine?

Chlorine is called chlorine because it is from the greek word chloros which means "lime-green gas"

What is the color of chlorine?

the color which is produced by chlorine is yellow-green....!! x

What is chlorine color?

Chlorine gas appears to be yellow-green in color

Can the gas chlorine be seen?

Yes, chlorine gas can be seen. Chlorine in its elemental state is a green gas.

What colour does just chlorine turn in the flame test?

Chlorine burns green in the flame test, bottle green to be exact.

What gas will be in green colour?

Chlorine (Cl) is a green gas.

What is the Colour of chlorine gas?

Chlorine gas is a yellow-green kind of color.

What is a green colored gas?

the answer is chlorine

What color is of the chlorine gas?


What element is a green poison?


How do you get green out of a child's hair from swimming pool?

the chlorine make blond hair turn green. if you use chlorine shampoo it should get it out.