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Can be a virgin when go see the gynecologist?

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What doctor do we go see when we are pregnant?


How do you see if your hymen is broken?

go to a gynecologist

What Should a Virgin Do When It's Her First Time?

See her gynecologist OR Find a guy who's patient and gentle.

Can a gynecologist tell if you're a virgin or not?


Can the gynecologist tell if your a virgin or not?

Yes they can tell.

Can a gynecologist tell your parents if you are a virgin or not in the state of New Mexico?

No, not unless you give your gynecologist permission.

What does it means when you have cramps and pink discharge five days after your period?

It means you should call, and go see your Gynecologist. Those symptoms could be several different things. GO SEE YOUR GYNECOLOGIST.

What kind of physician should a women go to see if she is pregnant?


Is it normal to get your period then not get it for 2 years?

no, you need to go see your gynecologist

What is the starting wage for a beginning gynecologist?

Like, the Starting age where you go see a gynecologist is usually around 18 years old.

What age should you be to see gynecologist?

Either 16 or whenever you first become sexually active. You can see the gynecologist before 16 if you have problems or want to go on birth control.

What does it mean when your cervix is very swollen?

It means you should go see your gynecologist.

Is it normal to have your period while pregnant?

No. That's quite rare. Go see your gynecologist.

Can you start taking the pill to avoid having a period?

Sure. Go see a gynecologist.

What do you do if you have warts on your vagina?

You better go see your doctor or your gynecologist ASAP, as it could be serious.

What kind of doctor would you see about the vagina?

That would be a gynecologist. If you are unsure of where to find one, go to your regular doctor about the problem and if it is something they are not qualified to handle then they will refer you to a gynecologist.

Is there a way to make your vagina stop having a bad smell?

wash it :\ or go see a gynecologist.

What is the right age to go to the gynecologist?

There is no right age to go to the gynecologist. You should go as soon as you become sexually active or have problems.

Is it okay if ones period stops for an year or so?

no, i think you should go to your gynecologist. it is normal to miss it for a month or 2 in a row if you just got it but i am certain you should see a gynecologist

What does it mean when the side of the skin of the vagina hurt?

Could be any number of things. Go see a gynecologist.

Where do you go to get a pap test?

Go to a gynecologist.

If Women see a gynecologist who do men see?

men see a prostitute

Can a gynocologist know if you been fingered if your still a virgin?

There is no physical difference between a virgin and someone who has had sex, so a gynecologist cannot know if you're a virgin or if you've engaged in other sexual activity (you should always tell your gynecologist if you are sexually active). Being fingered is generally not considered to be sex, thus if you've only been fingered you would still be considered to be a virgin.

Is it possible for a gynecologist to tell if you are a virgin or not?

Yes, a Dr. can tell if you are a virgin. Females have what you call a hymen, and if it is broken the Dr. knows that your not a virgin. During your first sexual experience, the hymen is broken, and that's why you bleed.

WHaT could a brused lump on the inner lip of a vagina?

Ingrown hair, cyst, or std. Go see a gynecologist.