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yes, Ive heard of many causing rashes

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โˆ™ 2011-05-08 16:14:17
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Q: Can bed bugs cause health issues?
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Can bed bugs cause any health problems?


Do bed bugs defecate?

Yes. This although microscopic can cause respiratory issues and allergies in humans

Do bed-wetting cause bed bugs?

I believe that urinating in the bed can cause bed bugs because the smell might can attract them.

Do bed bugs cause lyme disease?

No, bed bugs are not known to cause any diseases.

Can bed bugs cause permanent health damage?

They do not cause long term damage. However, some people are allergic to them, so bed bugs can be fatal. Bed bugs give humans rashes on their necks and faces. Some people may not see rashes at all.

Can bed bugs get in your bed?

"Bed Bugs" can, in fact, get into your bed, in your bed, and on your bed.

Do you get bed bugs from eating in bed?

No, you don't get bed bugs from eating in bed. The bed bugs will be eating in bed when they are feeding on you though.You can keep bed bugs at bay with bed protectors.

Do bed bugs tend to not bite people who have had chemo or are diabetic?

Bed bugs don't discriminate over your health, just so long as you're alive and warm-blooded.

What could these small bugs in the bed be?

bed bugs

How do you protect against bed bugs?

You can protect your mattress from bed bugs with bed protectors.They offer maximum protection from bed bugs.

Can multiple bites from bed bugs cause swollen lymph nodes?

Multiple bites from bed bugs will not cause swolen lymph nodes. However, a small fraction of people bitten will turn out to be allergic to the bite.

What are good pesticides for bed bugs?

there are no such things as bed bugs, but if you are talking about the: the microscopical bugs then no pestisides aren't for them if there are bugs in your bed you should consider getting a new bed or washing the one you already have. :)

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