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As you should know, breathing chemicals while not pregnant is not good. Therefore, it is even worse to expose your unborn baby to harsh chemicals. Just remember, you are the life support that your baby is living on and whatever you put into your body is what also enters the body of your baby... whether it may be by eating or breathing.

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Yes, certainly. Many chemicals can cross the placenta. Obvious examples are alcohol and drugs like thalidomide, as well as things like carbon monoxide which impair the proper functioning of blood.

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Q: Can being around chemicals affect a fetus?
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Does age affect exposure to chemicals?

Age does affect the exposure to chemicals. Babies and children generally have a higher risk of negative effects due to the exposure of harmful chemicals. An unborn fetus is the most susceptible. This is due to the fact that their organs are not fully developed.

Harmful chemicals or viruses that can be transferred from a mother to her developing fetus are called?

Harmful chemicals or viruses that can be transferred from a mother to her developing fetus are called teratogens.

What happens if you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Getting a tattoo while pregnant can be very risky. The chemicals in the ink can affect your baby during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The chemicals can be dangerous to the fetus.

Does IVF affect the fetus?

No, it does not.

How do chemicals pass between the mother and the fetus?

Some chemicals can cross the blood barrier between the uterus and the fetus and enter the umbilical cord. This is sometimes due to a high concentration of chemicals such as alcohol, or in heavy metal poisoning.

Is it possible for heroin not to affect fetus?


Can a males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life?

Yes males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life

What are environmental hazards that can affect fetus?

Air pollution, food pollution and rarely water pollution can affect the fetus adversely.

Why can it be harmful to the fetus for a pregnant woman that handles dangerous chemicals?

The chemicals can be absorbed by the mother and transferred to the fetus. The chemicals can have a major impact on the development of the child and cause birth defects. The full impact is not known, other than it has never been good.

Does alcohol before pregnancy affect miscarriage rate?

Yes it can and it cannot. Due to the chemicals that are present in alcohol, a shrinkage of blood occurs within the fetus. This can quite possibly cause a miscarriage or some affect on the birthing period.

When will alcohol affect fetus?

From conception to birth.

What STDs can affect the fetus?

Chlamydia and AIDS

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