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Can birds be neutered and spayed?

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With birds, you can put the contraception in their food (ie New York City did this with pidgeons to reduce their population) or remove the eggs from the nest (ie chickens, zoo aviaries to manage their bird populations. This is much more simple than surgery.

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Is a female sPAyed or neutered?

sPAyed. male dogs are neutered.

What is the difference between being spayed and neutered?

Females are spayed Males are neutered

Are cats spayed or neutered?

Spay or neuter depends on gender, not species. Females are spayed, males are neutered.

Is a boy cat called spayed or neutered?

A boy cat is called neutered. A girl cat is called spayed.

When to get cats spayed?

06 months is the earliest age they can get spayed or neutered.

Should you get my pug spayed?

If you want to. our dog got spayed and neutered

Can you get a hamster neutered or spayed?


What dogs show can your dog go in being spayed or neutered?

I don't know if there are any dog show that allow spayed and neutered dogs.

What is a neutered cow called?

There is no such thing as a "neutered cow." You can get a neutered bull, which is called a steer, or a spayed heifer, but never a "neutered cow."

Do females get spayed?

For females it is neutered, but yes.

Can the mountain lion be spayed or neutered?

Yes they can.

What to do when rabbit has babies?

Let it raise them. Get them neutered or spayed after a few months. Get the female and male neutered and spayed if you dont want any more bunnies.

What sex of ferrets get along the best?

two SPAYED females or two NEUTERED males Or you can mix but they must be spayed and neutered to get along. HOPE I HELPED!!

Do neutered cats need spaying?

Male cats are neutered. Female cats are spayed.improved answer:Being Neutered and spayed is the same thing, but for the different genders of the cat. If your cat is neutered, he can't be spayed, since, technically, he already has been. Just remember that these two words are the same thing, but neutered is for males and spaying is for females. Hope it helped!

Can cats still mate after being spayed?

No, they can't. (Males are neutered and females are spayed).

Can a dog breed if she was already spayed?

Spayed females and neutered males cannot reproduce.

Are male dogs spayed or neutered?

spay |spā|verb [ trans. ] (usu. be spayed)sterilize (a female animal) by removing the ovariesneuter |ˈn(y)oōtər| can be applied to either gender.Thus, either gender can be neutered, but only a female can be spayed.

Does a hedgehog have to be spayed or neutered?

No. Unless the animal has reproductive deformities or cancer, it is actually dangerous to perform the surgery. There is no need to have them spayed or neutered if you are being a responsible owner.

How do you prevent your cat from getting pregenent besides getting them 'spayed' or 'neutered'?

Keep them away from other intact cats of the opposite sex. It is much easier and less worrisome to have them spayed or neutered, however. Female cats will go into heat every 8 days if they are not spayed, and it is not a pleasant experience. Also spayed female cats have a largely decreased risk of ovarian and mammary tumors, and neutered male cats have a largely decreased risk of prostate cancer. If cats are neutered/spayed before they reach sexual maturity it will also prevent bad behaviors such as spraying.

Can you adopt another pet if the one you have is not neutered?

yes you can if the one you are going to adopt is spayed or neutered.

Which sex is spayed for?

Females are spayed. Males are neutered. A spay is the removal of the uterus and overies from the female.

What is the homophone for spade?

Spayed (another word for neutered)

Can ferrets go into heat when they are spayed ad neutered?


What do you call neutered cows?

Spayed heifers or steers. Cows aren't the ones that get neutered, it's either the heifers or bulls that do. Neutered bulls are called steers (or bullocks in Europe), and heifers that are not suitable for breeding which are spayed (by a simple surgical procedure of removing the ovaries) are called spayed heifers.

Do cats that have been spayed or neutered still try to procreate?

Sometimes cats will still go through the actions of mating after they have been spayed or neutered, but they will no longer be able to reproduce.