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Boxer shorts can be worn under jeans. A boner will show depending on how tight the jeans and/or boxers are.

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Q: Can boxer shorts be worn under jeans.. Will it show on top if you have a erection?
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What to wear under basketball shorts if people pants you?

Compression shorts or Boxer Briefs!! Boxers are nice & comfy but if someone pantses you they might come down too.

Do black undies show under white in black light?

Probably not. The brightness of your shorts/jeans would most likely cover it up.

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

Why you should chew gum in school?

you shouldn't because its a sticky mess if it falls out of your mouth and people want to put in under their desk and if they put it under their desk they may put their knee in it and get gum on their jeans or skirt or shorts

What do footballers wear under their shorts?

compression shorts

Are adidas response shorts comparative to under armor shorts?

Adidas shorts are way different than Under Armor shorts. The material is completely different, and Under Armour is a way better brand, that is more durable and will last longer.

Did Michael Jordan wear unc shorts under his Chicago jersey?

yes he wore his unc shorts under his Chicago shorts for good luck

What underwear to wear running?

If you are a guy: under armour has some boxer briefs that breath and support you. I wear athletic hip briefs. Again, it breaths and supports me and feels comfortable. If you are a lady: under armour has some appearel for women such as support bras and shorts.

What are the short tights under shorts called?

spandex/ compression shorts

Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?

Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

What should you wear under your morphsuit?

A pair of tight shorts, e.g. base layer shorts or cycling shorts.

What are mesh shorts?

Go to google and type in mesh shorts under images.

Is it better to wear basketball shorts under your pants or wearing just underwear?

Well I'm not really sure my friend weres basketball shorts under his basketball shorts but I never asked him why, but Ime pretty sure that the fell ing wold be a lot different like silky instead of ruff regular boxers , but the ones he wears sure really short ,but still fit, it's wired try looking for them in the boxer isle a the store and see if tha helps answer your question. d:D

How do you wear compression shorts?

You wear compression shorts like boxer-briefs under soccer kits ect. They are comfortable to wear but kind of like tight underwear. The nylon- lycra type are comfortable to wear. Compression shorts are tight but not too tight, and are very comfortable to wear. I would not recommend wearing any underwear under them. Some are designed to use a "cup" for certain sports. They are fine just the way they are, even for non-sports reasons. They can be worn as underwear most of the time.

How do you get an erection under a lot of pressure?


Is it ok to go commando under rugby shorts?

That would be each persons choice to go commando under rugby shorts.

What type of underwear should a 15 year old boy wear?

Me and my friends wear boxer briefs and compression shorts all though we really don't need them when we hang out together we just take them off and compare each other's you know whats... well if your 15 you should try boxer briefs and compression shorts they are very comfortable and the hold your junk really well. The best part is when you go to bed and take off your pants under the covers...

What are the benefits of wearing Under Armor shorts as opposed to regular shorts?

If you mean Under Armour compression shorts, the advantages are that the shorts keep the muscles warm, reducing muscle strain and fatigue. They also help distribute sweat, avoiding chaffing and rashes. Other companies also make compression shorts.

Is it ok for guys to wear leggings under ripped jeans?

Leggings? No! If he would like to wear some tigher jeans / pants under the ripped jeans then that's perfectly fine.

Do you wear underwear under board shorts what kind what brand?

I wear Speedo type , but not Speedo brand as they are flat and very squishing on the tackle rather ones with a decent formed pouch to keep everything safe (I found either Andrew Christian brand or similar but currently am happy wearing Cocksox (terrible name ) made in Australia where they are the most popular brand under board shorts and they are a nation who wear lots of board shorts. I don't recommend anything without a drawcord Like boxer jocks or trunks as I have had shorts and trunks come off together after going down a water slide.

Can you wear gladiator sandals with jeans?

Yes! Either on top of your jeans or under.

What to wear under bicycle shorts?

Nothing. Bicycle shorts are meant to be worn with nothing underneath.

What is boxer brief?

A boxer brief is a type of men's under-wear. Typically a boxer but more form fitting. Consider it an in-between boxers and underwear.

What to wear under muay thai shorts?

under pants and a cup

Do you put your knee pads under or over your skinney jeans?

Over your skinny jeans

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What to wear under basketball shorts if people pants you?

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