Can boys use self defense on girls?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Yes. Within reason. Using self defense does not always mean hitting or hitting back.

There are times when hitting back are appropriate but never good. Self defense is more than physically fighting back. Blocking and avoidance are also part of self defense. You can be bullied by either gender and young men often find themselves at odds when physically abused by a female. Note I did not use the term young lady since a "young Lady" never strikes a young gentleman.

Blocking and avoidance are good tactics when attacked and defensive retreat is nothing to be ashamed of. Bullies of either gender are wrong and adult intervention is the best way to handle this. I think Bad people consists of both male and female and each one has their own ways. In some cases when a young man or boy has better apearance or condition the other part taunts or starts something for a quarrel. Some ignorant guys without understanding the problem help the female too. Or when she is aquainted with Martial Arts she starts for little matters to fight or plans to show herself for people how bravely she fights. In one of Chinese or Cantonese martial arts I saw how a girl sexually abused a boy(by a trick) and caused an obscene scene ,despite he surrendered she wanted to himulate him. Some sites on net train females to hurt males.But most of the people think girls should be helped against guys.

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Q: Can boys use self defense on girls?
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