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Can brands have accounts on WikiAnswers?


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Brands can have account on WikiAnswers. Anyone can have an account on WikiAnswers. You cannot use WikiAnswers for spam; it is to be used to only to answer questions for people or ask questions that people may want to know.

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There is no accurate answer to this but I believe that there are more unregistered accounts that contribute either because they don't have an account, or they have forgotten to log in.

WikiLeaks is in no way affiliated with WikiAnswers.

Various people who have wikianswers accounts. :)

You can set a profile avatar by connecting your WikiAnswers and Facebook accounts. The profile pic associated with your Facebook will appear on your WikiAnswers profile.

Accounts on WikiAnswers cannot be deleted for technical reasons. Accounts can however be nullified or blocked from being able to sign in. To inquire about suspending your account email:

I like it because its fun, and I like building accounts.

Apparently Selena Gomez has one.

Wikianswers will not give out passwords to people's accounts.

Yes. WikiAnswers is now a part of All accounts that were created before the merging of and WikiAnswers are still valid.

WikiAnswers does not make product recommendations. However you usually get what you pay for.

No, Wikipedia and WikiAnswers are two different websites. You need to create separate accounts for both sites.

WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous or nonfamous alike, due to privacy regulations, and WikiAnswers policies.

WikiAnswers email accounts are only given to WikiAnswers Supervisors. There is the message board feature on WikiAnswers that you can use to message other users. Simply click on 'Message This User' on the top right of a users bio page to add a message.

WikiAnswers will not provide information to break the rules of RuneScape.

WikiAnswers will not provide you with accounts for online games. Not only is this against the rules on Webkinz, and the account would be banned, but no WikiAnswers members are allowed to give their Webkinz account on WikiAnswers. This is a violation of the Terms of Use for both WikiAnswers and Webkinz, and anyone who commits such a violation leaves their account subject to termination. You will have to buy your own Webkinz to make an account. It shouldn't be a problem if you really want to play.

This answer varies. People who have accounts here on WikiAnswers can view recently asked questions, and answer them for trust points. So it all depends, really.

Sorry, but wikianswers do not answer questions about accounts and passowrds

WikiAnswers does not give out information such as email addresses, or email accounts.

WikiAnswers will not share personal information such as accounts from any site.

Each user has a username and password on Littlest Pet Shop Online. Because accounts can require payments, information on these accounts cannot be shared on WikiAnswers.

Be cautious about any Stardoll accounts claiming to be celebrities. It is very unlikely that celebrities have public Stardoll accounts, so any account claiming to be a celebrity is probably only pretending to be a celebrity on a fake account.WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about people, famous or non-famous alike, due to privacy regulations and WikiAnswers policies.

As of February 14, 2015, there are more than 54,263,517 registered contributors on WikiAnswers. If there are about 1,090 supervisors, there are at least 54,262,427 registered non-Supervisors on WikiAnswers. Do note this count reflects total accounts as opposed to unique registrants.

It is very informative with the right people and people with trust points. But, try not to fully trust people with no accounts.

You may not enter personal information on any individuals (including passwords) on WikiAnswers.

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