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hi there yes in fact i had that with my first baby .. apparently its a sign of the egg being fertlized. weird huh,, i allso had 2 very normal periods as well.. my daughter was born healthy as ever

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Q: Can brown and pink spotting mean you are pregnant?
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Ive been spotting pink for twoo weeks then you get your regular period but its brown and pink are you pregnant?

no that is just blood i have it all the time

Can spotting 3 days after sex which is brownish and pink with a dull pain mean you are pregnant?


You had brown and pink spotting for a week with no period. Are you pregnant?

If you had sex at the right time them there this can be as sign of implantation bleeding, Yes you could be pregnant.

What does the light brown blood spots mean?

brown "spotting" or pink "spotting" is a sign of fresh or dried blood from where your fertilized egg burrows into your uterine wall.

I think that I am 3-4 weeks pregnant unusual changes taking place but I started spotting very little pink and brown is this a miscarriage or implantation?

Implantation bleeding but doesn't always mean your pregnant though

Why would a period start with pink spotting then brown spotting then light red with light cramps?

Because it gets heavier and then the cramps mean you are in puburty

What does it mean if the first day of your period is brown spotting now only light pink spotting?

I think it's blood that already hit the air , so it turns brown usually indicating that your period was late

Could I be pregnant I have been having my periods but on this last one i have light pink blood when i wip and spotting what does this mean?

Yes, you might be pregnant - take a test

Is it normal if I went off birth control 2 months ago and this month around day 15 I had pink-brown spotting and every couple days have light brown spotting?

i think you are pregnant, take HPT or go see your doctor!

Could you be pregnant if this month when you were supposed to have your period you experienced a light brown to pink spotting for 5 days and there was not enough to wear a pad or a tampon?

Hello. Based on what you said, you could be pregnant yes.

What does it mean if your period was 10 days early and only lasted 2 days with brown discharge and a light pink discharge afterward and could you be pregnant?

It could possibly be implantation spotting- wait a week and take a test.

What does it mean when your spotting light pink blood?


Could you be pregnant if you had your period a week ago and it wasn't normal but was light pink and brown spotting most of the time and now after sex you had brown blood?

You could get pregnant ANYTIME you have sex! And try making your question shorter next time.ADD PUNCTUATION MARKS (. , ; : " '? ! )?

Im 6 weeks pregnant and you have light pink and brown blood but no cramps is this normal?

I am actually having the same thing right now and I am 6 weeks pregnant. Very light spotting (pink/brown) and I had mild cramping yesterday. When I was pregnant with my son I also had spotting at around 6 weeks. If it gets heavier and you have more cramping call your doctor. I am having an ultra sound in 2 days jut to make sure everything is alright. Best of luck.

Can you be pregnant if your period comes on early?

You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

Could you be pregnant if you are 10 days late for your period but have had pinkish spotting for four days?

pink spotting is a pregnancy sign you could be well pregnant its called Implantation bleeding

You have not had a period for 6 months but on Tuesday and Wednesday you had a pink brown spotting which stopped after these two days What is this?

ok you need to get a pregnancy test, the pink brown spotting can be an indication of different things. you need to see your doctor for more information.

Could you be pregnant if your tubes were tied 4 yrs ago and am late 4 months and spotting light pink?

Spotting light pink is a charachteristic of being should really go to a clinic and find out, especially if you miss your period four months..or have cramps, tenderness, and light spotting.

What are signs of implant bleeding?

Usually it will be spotting, and will be there when you wipe. It is normally brown or pink instead of red. If you do get red or brown spotting it doesn't always mean it's implantation bleeding, it might be something else. You should see your doctor if you're concerned.

What does spotting look like?

Spotting refers to light vaginal bleeding - thus it can look red, pink, or brown. Brown is most common as when bleeding is light it can take time to leave the vagina, in mean time the blood goes brown just as blood from an old cut would go brown. Spotting is sometimes seen among discharge or cervical mucus.

What does brownish pink spotting 5 days after a late light period mean?

Possibly pregnant, take pregnancy test or go see your doctor.

How much blood would you call spotting?

Spotting is considered to be pink or brown and just a little drips every couple of hours or so

What does it mean when your period is over and three days later you have light pink spotting?

Well to me it may be that you are pregnant, if so you should take a ept as soon as possible.

Is your poop brown if you are pregnant?

no its pink im serious cause im pregnant

Can you be pregnant when you have pink brown then red bleeding?