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yes in the most colorful way

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Why do butterflies have antennae?

butterflies have antennae for letting them to see or to feel what is around in their environment.

Can insects see everywhere?

Many insects have peripheral vision, meaning they can see all around, yes. The fact that butterflies can't see their wings is a myth, for example, their eyes are round, so they can see all around. Looking at their eyes gives away how much they can see.

Can butterflies see color?

Butterflies cannot see color.

Are butterflies allergic to flowers?

No because then why would they come outside, that is why butterflies are not allergic to flowers as there are flowers in every house and all around the world. If they were allergic then we would have not have any butterflies around.

What does butterflies do more to camouflage?

As all butterflies are not colorful so some of them are green butterflies. They merge their wings and fell on a green plant and when their enemies are not able to see them.

What colors do butterflies see?

Butterflies can see red, green, and yellow.

Why do you shake and get butterflies when you see your ex boyfriend?

Chances are you still have feelings for him and are nervous around him.

How can you tell when you like someone?

When they are around you kind of get butterflies or when you see them you cant help but smile.

What are all the butterflies?

all butterflies are animals

What can butterflies see?

Butterflies are colour-blind...everything they see is Black and White...They can see everything humans do

What is the name of the little yellow butterflies flying around on the sides of the roads in Wisconsin?

They are called yellow alfalfa butterflies. See the related links for more information.

Do butterflies see in color?

Quote from the related link: "Butterflies can see red, green, and yellow, but they also see color in the ultraviolet range, which reveals patterns on flowers-and other butterflies-that we can't see."

How do know that you love him?

Well you may get butterflies around him or think about him alllott and want to be around him all the time. Your eyes light up when you see him and so does your expression. Lots of things it is easy to tell. Trust me.

What are those white butterflies that you see flying everywhere?

It depends upon where you live. In many parts of the world, the white butterflies flying around are Cabbage White butterflies. In southern Florida, it would be the Great Southern White butterfly. Another white butterfly species that flies around the sides of the road in the US are Checkered White butterflies.

What do butterflies have in common?

Butterflies all have wings.

Do we see butterflies at the poles?


Do butterflies have good vision?

Butterflies have good vision that's how they can see their predators

How does butterflies care for their babies?

Butterflies lay their eggs on a plant that their larva can eat. Then the butterflies fly away. They never see them after that.

Do all butterflies come from catepillars?

yes all butterflies come from caterpillars.

What does it mean when you see white butterflies every?

That there is usually and illness or sickness around that is contagious. It means to stay away.

How do butterflies find mate?

Butterflies find a mate by flying around almost around the world to find a mate.

Can butterflies fly?

Yes, butterflies can fly. For more information, and to see photographs of butterflies, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Links.

How do butterflies taste their food?

butterflies taste their food from their feelers and see if its ok to eat.

Where do butterflies live?

Butterflies don't really have a specific place that they live in, but a catapillar of a butterfly lives under leaves and on tree barks.They live all around the world!

If you get butterflies when your around a guy does that mean you like him for sure?

Butterflies is a definite sign that you like someone. Another sign would be thinking about that person all the time. Thankss!