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Can cats bring good luck?


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You already got an answer! You're just fishing for the one you want.

Cats are the most demonic creatures on the face of the Earth, everybody

knows that they guard the gates to hell. The only thing cats bring is bad luck!

what are you saying cats don`t bring bad luck were did you read that thing anyway. sure some people say bad things about black cats but they are not bad luck I ran two times at least into black cats and guess what no bad luck.


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I'm not positive but since there is a myth that black cats bring bad luck white cats are the opposite color are black so they bring the opposite of bad luck.

No they don't bring bad luck that's just a mith! I had a black cat and I have good luck I DONT BELEAVE IN LUCK

Well it is believed cats are good luck for ships.

The myth that cats bring bad luck is only a myth--millions of cat owners worldwide would say cats are wonderful pets!

good luck, since black cats are bad luck.

Monkey bring bad luck not good luck.

deos a spider bring good luck?

if they die they bring bad luck

do white legorn Roosters necessarily bring about good luck

Cats dont bring bad luck some people are hust superstitious and think this.

Well, it really depends on if you believe they do or not. I mean, if I were a cat, red or any other color, I wouldn't want to bring good luck to someone who just shooed me away or scoffed at me. Since I'm a cat lover, I believe that all cats are good luck if you take care of them and love them.

there is no good and bad luck on cats. color doesnt matter on the fur. all cats do tat.

it is a superstition so i dont know why

No they don't . In fact they bring bad luck.

No cats bring good luck. And besides that, it's just wrong! Cats are too precious to kill, and the mere fact that you had to ask this question tells me something I don't want to know.

No. Huskies don't bring good luck because they are a dog. A normal dog.tehe tada

Mistletoe is often hung over doors to bring good luck.

When kept as a talisman, a horseshoe is said to bring good luck.

Anything that you believe to bring you good luck just might actually bring you good luck. As long as you have something that you believe to give you luck, you should have the confidence to do what you want to do. Common things for luck: Rabbit foot, 4-leaf clover, good luck charms, lucky rocks. Anything you believe to be lucky.

Birds and other animals do not bring luck, good or bad.

Mistletoe is often hung over doors to bring good luck.

Well cats are considered good luck for ships, not houses.

it is said that it brings bad luck

No, the bring in smelly wastes.

crickets bring good luck in some countries such as China

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