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Can cats carry aids?


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Cats can carry AIDS. However, it is a form of AIDS that is only transferable to other cats, not humans.


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Cats carry an AIDS virus,But AIDS can not be spread by it.

No, raccoons can carry a number of diseases but are not known to carry AIDS.

They shouldn't be able to: AIDS is caused by HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Domesticated house cats are susceptible to FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). FIV can only be spread between other cats who carry it, humans are immune to FIV.

No, raccoons do not carry AIDS.

No! Mosquitoes do not carry aids. Hiv is what u get from blood which turns for over a period of time will form aids so my answer is no!!

I am 100% sure that you cannot get aids from rabbits or cats.

Horses don't carry AIDS.

All cats do not carry MRSA.

yes, cats can carry strep throat.

animals cannot get aids or hiv... cats get FIV feline immune virus but its spread though cats not from animal to person

AIDS is caused by HIV, the Human Iummonodeficiency Virus. Insects do not carry HIV. Humans carry HIV.

Yes, you can carry the HIV virus and still not have AIDS itself.

First of all, it is animal abuse to expose a dog to human excretions in the manner in which you suggest, and this is a felony in most jurisdictions. Second, HIV (the virus itself) can be transmitted only among humans, not between species. Third, AIDS is a disease that most people who carry HIV eventually would get without treatment. Dogs do have their own version of AIDS. While humans have the HIV virus, dogs can carry the CIV virus, and cats can carry the FIV virus.

Yes. Many cats and dogs can live through it also. Others may suffer and die. But many cats and dogs have shortened lives with AIDS,HIV and cancer.

Cats do not transmit HIV to people. But if they scratch you, you can get cat scratch fever.

They carry aids, so use protection!

saliva cannot carry the aids virus.

Cats may carry the causative organisms for plague, anthrax, cowpox, tapeworm, and many bacterial infections.

Possibly, they can carry various diseases

No, feathers do not carry the HIV virus.

Good question... I read this part of an article about that: Green-glowing cats with cells that resist infection from a virus that cause feline AIDS, find that may help prevent the disease in cats and advance AIDS research in people.

It is possible to get AIDS from anyone, gay or straight, but only if they carry the HIV virus in their bodies.

Cats and dogs can carry mononucleosis. The disease is far more common than many people think and you can catch it from your pet.

Feline diabetes, AIDS, and Kidney failure. Actually, the leading cause of death in cats is not getting adopted.

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