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Q: Can champion plug J19LM replace RJ19LM?
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What is the cross reference plug number for 796112 spark plug?


What spark plug replaces brig and stratton 492167?

Champion J19LM or RJ19LM

Can you replace a champion RJ19HX with a RJ19LM?

If you damaged a Champion RJ19HX spark plug, then you can indeed replace and substitute that with a Champion RJ19LM spark plug due to the similarity in their sizes.

What is the champion spark plug cross reference for Briggs stratton 796112S?

champion rj19lm or just a regular j19lm will work just fine in that engine.

What is the correct spark plug for a Tecumseh 10HP Model HM100?

I have used a Champion RJ19LM or J19LM, both work fine.

Can you use champion rj2yle replace for rj2yxle?

Yes. Or a 5861 which is the plug number to replace RJ19LM, J19LM, RJ17LM, J17LM, RJ19LMC, RJ2YLE, 799876, or RJ2YXLE, SOURCE- I work at Pepboys and it says directly on the package.

What spark plug can you cross reference for Briggs and stratton 796112S?

champion rj19lm or just a regular j19lm will work just fine in that engine

Does it make any difference using a RJ19LM spark plug versus a J19LM?

The "R" just designates a resistor plug. You are fine with the J19LM.

Can champion rj19lmc replace j19lm?

The Champion spark plug rj19lmc should be able to replace j19lm. Many of Champions spark plugs are interchangeable with plugs with the same letter coding.

What is spark plug gap for sears craftsman model 917.377180?

.030" Champion RJ19LM or J19LM for manual, go to:

What is the correct spark gap for a craftsman mower model 917.388521?

Spark Plug (Gap: .030) Champion RJ19LM or J19LM according to the user manual...and what I use.

What size spark plug craftsman lawn mower 6.5 motor?

Rj19lm or j19lm

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