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Can chantix and Celexa be taken together safely?


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no because something bad might happen. dont even take the risk


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You need to talk to your physician about such matters. We do not know your mrdical history.

Yes, Celexa and Abilify are compatible meaning they can be taken together.

Chantix (which is a medication commonly prescribed to quit smoking) and Adipex (which is a medication that is a commonly prescribed diet aid) can not be taken together. If these medications are taken together the side effects of each medication are increased tremendously.

Yes, I am On both right now for anxiety and depression.

Usually, Celexa is prescribed to be taken in the mornings. Many people do take it though at night because it may make you tired. Xanax and Celexa can be taken together. The only side effect is that you'll sleep better. I use to take Celexa and Xanax all the time with no problems! Peace! -Matt

Valium and norco can be safely taken together without adverse effects.

Yes. I was on the same combination for several months. Your doctor can advise you better however, and personally I would choose a different drug than Celexa.

mucinex is not to be taken with an MAOI. Celexa is a SSRI. Therefor it should be ok to mix the two. call any health professional for an over the phone answer.

A hypothetical patient may be safely prescribed this combination to treat a variety of conditions. As these are each prescription medications, they should only be taken (singly or in combination) under the specific instruction of your physician.

Celexa and remeron are anti-depression medicines. Aurum Mettalica is a homeoapthy remedy for those depressant patients who demands attention. Celexa and remeron can be taken with aurum met

Yes, you can safely take the two together.

Celexa and Neurontin are known to have moderate interactions, and should only be taken together when monitored by a doctor. The issue is that there may be additive or synergistic increases in depressant effects.

the klonopin and adderall may cancel each other out (sedation + stimulation) avoid combining adderall and celexa as this may lead to seretonin syndrome which can be deadly.

I was told not too as both medications taken together can cause irregular heartbeat cardiac arrest and death

No. It is not safe to take zantac( an acid reducer) with celexa( an antidepressant). These medications have an interation with each other and should not be taken together. Contact your pharmacist or physician to see what alternative medications are available to treat your acid reflux while being on celexa.

They work in different mechanisms and can safely be taken together. Limit the dose of acetaminophen to 4 grams/day.

I am taking both of them together and I have not had any problems so far.

Yes, you can take these drugs together since there is no interactions between them.

Well, since Wellbutrin isn't a MAO inhibitor, it can be taken along with Celexa.

Hi. I have Bipolar 1 and currently take 50 mg Seroquel and 200 mg Lamictal. I was just put on 10mg Celexa to help with unexpected depression. And I take Ativan sparingly if I feel anxious. They can be taken together, but I do not know about dosage. I think it's best if you check with your doctor. Good luck!

Yes, albuterol and amoxicillin can be taken safely together. Be sure to take the amoxicillin until it is gone, as directed by your physician.

Can Lexapro and Methadone be taken together on a day to day baices? No one seems to know. my dotor didnt tell me if it was safe

I have been on both before , and took Wellbutrin to start my day, and Celexa was taken when I went to bed. The drugs work on different neurotransmitters and work better taken at different times.

One is a painkiller, one is an anti-depressive. They can safely be taken together.

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