Can chickens fly like birds

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No the can flap and flutter to about 2 metres but cant fly very high or for very long

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Q: Can chickens fly like birds
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What is a road runner related to?

birds. since they look like birds but like chickens they are unable to fly

Why can't chickens fly like other birds?

Because their wings arnt like other birds.

Which birds can't fly high?

Chickens are examples of birds that cannot fly high.

Which birds dont fly?

There are a few birds that can not fly. Penguins are one, ostrich, and most chickens can not fly either.

Where are the birds that can't fly?

Penguins, ostriches, and chickens!

Birds that cannnot fly?

penguins cant fly, and chickens cant propperly fly!

What are the kinds of low flying birds?

Chickens can fly , but they are low flying birds.

What are some birds that can only fly short distances?

chickens fly short distacess.

Chickens can fly can't they?

chickens can fly they are birds but it depends on what breed they are if they are meat birds they can't fly. if you get your chickens wings cliped then they cant fly at all but yes indeed they can fly up to about 50 feet

Is a hen a brid?

yes, chickens are birds even if they cant fly

Do other birds lay eggs like chickens?

Yes, almost ALL birds lay eggs, just like chickens do.

Why can't chickens fly?

Chickens can fly for short distances. In the wild, they roost in trees, not on the ground. Chicken farmers will "pin" their wings to keep them under manageable control. "Genetically-modified" chickens are raised for human consumption, and are not structurally the same as wild birds. Normal chickens can fly pretty well, and banties can fly as well as partridges! (i.e. not as high or as far as migratory birds).

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