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No but pregnancy can. Be sure to get a pregnancy test to make sure that's not the cause of your late period.
Women can still have periods if they have chlamydia. You can have chlamydia with or without getting your period.

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Should you get your period when finishing treatment for chlamydia?

Chlamydia doesn't cause a late period or change your menstrual cycle. If your period is late, take a pregnancy test.

Can chlamydia cause a lighter period?

Chlamydia will not cause a lighter period.

Can chlamydia cause a heavy period?

Chlamydia can cause bleeding between periods, but doesn't typically cause a heavier period.

Can chlamydia medication make your period late?

No, antibiotics do not make your period late. Take a pregnancy test.

Can chlamydia cause a longer period?

Chlamydia infection can cause irregular bleeding and/or changes in menstrual bleeding.

Can chlamydia cause an irregular period?

While chlamydia does not affect ovulation and menstruation, chlamydia can cause irregular bleeding or bleeding after intercourse. This bleeding may be mistaken for a period when it's actually bleeding from the cervix.

Can chlamydia or chlamydia treatment or birth control pills cause very light periods?

The birth control pill can make your period so light that it virtually disappears. Chlamydia or treatment chlamydia don't make your period lighter.

Can herpes cause a late period?

Herpes will not cause a late period. Take a pregnancy test.

Can you get chlamydia during your period?

Yes, you can get chlamydia during your period.Yes, if he is infected with chlamydia.

Can chlamydia cause acne?

Chlamydia can not cause acne outbreaks.Chlamydia does not cause acne.

Can xanax cause you to get your period late or miss a period?

Xanax (alprazolam) will not cause missed or late periods.

Can working out for the first time after a while cause your period to be late?

Exercising can be a cause for your period to be late if you exercise daily.

Can you get chlamydia without having your period?

You can get chlamydia without having your period.

Can pinkeye cause Chlamydia?

No, but chlamydia can cause conjunctivitis.

Can hpv cause chlamydia?

HPV does not cause chlamydia. Chlamydia is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, not by human papillomavirus.

Can chlamydia go away if you have your period?

Chlamydia won't go away if you have your period.

Can chlamydia cause dementia?

Chlamydia doesn't cause dementia.

Can chlamydia cause blisters?

Chlamydia does not cause blisters. Herpes can cause blisters.

Can chlamydia cause an early period?

Chlamydia doesn't change your menstrual cycle, but it can cause irregular bleeding between periods or after sex that can be mistaken for menstrual bleeding. If you think you're at risk for chlamydia, see your health care provider regardless of symptoms.

Can stress cause chlamydia to return?

Stress won't cause chlamydia to return. You get chlamydia again from reinfection.

Can sulfamethoxazole cause a late period?

Im thinking it can because i took one and my period is late.

Can having a period affect chlamydia treatment?

Having a period will not affect chlamydia treatment.

Can chlamydia cause cramping?

Chlamydia can cause pelvic pain, and can cause rectal cramping.

Can chlamydia and gonorrhea cause syphilis?

Gonorrhea and chlamydia can not cause syphilis.

Can chlamydia cause hair loss?

Chlamydia will not cause hair loss.