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Halloween Costumes

Can christians wear Halloween costumes?


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October 02, 2014 5:26AM

You can if you wish to do so.Some Christian churches frown on such an activity because they feel you are supporting evil, such as the devil and witchcraft. Such a logic is extremely absurd. I suppose everyone wearing an outfit of a burger or hot dog handing out flyers is doing so because they like the food, not because they need the money despite the ridicule they get for wearing such a costume? No.To say Halloween is a "devilish" holiday is incorrect. Pagan festivals such as Halloween have existed for hundreds of years before the concept of a devil figure even existed.You have the freedom to wear what you wish, granted to you by an international law called the Human Rights Act, which no religion on the planet can override. However if you wish to avoid offending your faith, do some research into your specific denomination or ask an authority of your faith.

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October 02, 2014 5:20AM

Answer 1

Actually, Halloween costumes are no-no's for Christians because we aren't supposed to dress up like we're participating in Halloween. It's a devlish holiday, so we are not supposed to associate it with our lives.


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I know if you are Christian, dressing up for Halloween can mean different things depending on your denomination. I have both Christian friends who do and don't dress up for Halloween. It can depend on your branch of Christianity, because some branches have varying views on Halloween. I grew up in a non-denominational church and we had a Halloween party for kids in the church. We certainly weren't worshiping the devil, we were just bobbing for apples and coloring pictures of spiders and having a contest to see who could walk the best like a mummy. Celebrating Halloween doesn't mean you will go out and worship the devil, but lots of people are uncomfortable with partaking because of the symbology of it and that is ok too. I would say if you are struggling with if you should dress up for Halloween, talk to someone at your church or do a quick google search to see your denominations view on Halloween. Costumes are just for fun, you don't have to dress like a witch or a demon, there are a lot of "Christian friendly" costumes out there.

If you are just curious to see if Christians dress up for Halloween the reality is alot do. But really it all depends on how you were raised, one isn't better than the other, there are just different viewpoints and different beliefs.