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Every person could be and should be sorry for lying but whether or not they actually are is up for grabs. Everybody's the same that way I guess. I suppose it must be said that in some "extreme cases" compulsive liars are simply unable to tell the truth. Whether or not this is true with the person I suppose you're wondering about, I don't know but it should also be noted that in other cases of compulsive lying, it's not so much a sickness as it is a desire for attention. In othe words, they get caught lying and in so doing get the attention they crave. Hmmmmm, a sticky wicket to be sure. Wish you the best in your quandry. WHEN You're compulsive, you can't help it...honestly , you just lie because you can. it's a learned trait. it stems from one lie when you are younger, to two lies, to lying everyday for no reason, to lying all the time and not even realizing it. Complusive liars don't like to be totally honest with everything because they have an issue... it could be one of many explanations. for example, one could lie complusivley because they feel being honest 24-7 is opening yourself up too much and are afraid of complete honesty and being exposed. i know some people who lie all the time just to see hwo much they can get away with. i also know people who lie and make up fake stories to entertain people...not necessarily maliciously or to insult or hurt anyone. a compulsive liar is sorry for the fact they hurt you. they're not sorry they lied, they are sorry they hurt your feelings. but they also are really sorry when they get caught beecause it's embarassing for them. the only thing they feel they can do to protect themselves is to lie so when they get caught they feel completely defenseless and emabarrassed. hurt, too. they really can't help it.

2006-08-08 14:43:24
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Q: Can compulsive liars ever be sorry to others for their lies or only for themselves when caught?
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Do pathological liars lie to everyone or just some people?

there are two kinds of liars. compulsive liars and pathological liars. compulsive liars lie on impulse usually to make themselves seem more interesting. Pathological liars lie to anyone about anything and they actually believe themselves.

Why do compulsive liars lie about affairs?

Compulsive liars will lie about everything, even what they had for breakfast.

Is there a cure for compulsive liars?


Any support groups for compulsive liars in Boston?

They have a compulsive liars anonymous in Boston that you can attend. You can call a helpline for information about meetings.

What is the difference between compulsive liars and pathological liars?

i love christian

How can you tell if you are a compulsive liar?

Usually compulsive liars are not confident individuals and they feel the need to dramatize certain events in their lives to impress others. These are some of the signs of a compulsive liar: If the compulsive liar did something wrong and someone else found out they'd lie their way out of it. Telling others about things in their life that didn't happen. Dramatizing events in their life that didn't go down the way it did. Lying over silly things such as borrowing something from someone and denying they ever had it. Lying about other people. Constantly blaming others for the problems one gets themselves into. These are but a few. If a person has been told they are a compulsive liar they probably are. Compulsive liars often don't mean to be this way, so professional help does help them balance out their lives, face themselves and not be afraid of being who they are or telling the truth and taking the consequences for their own actions. Marcy

Is there a category of people who are compulsive liars?

Yes, I believe that they are called patholigical liars.

How do you deal with compulsive liars at work?

The best way to deal with compulsive liars at work is to avoid them. If you notice any trouble starting, you can speak with your manager.

What is the medical term for compulsive liars?

Pathological liar

Are compulsive liars also sociopaths?

Not necessarily; they are not the same thing.

Is there a cure for people who are compulsive liars?

yes hit them really hard?

What is a propulsive Liar?

Compulsive liars are people who are unable to keep from telling lies, as opposed to pathological liars who lie out of convenience.

Different types of liars?

habitual chronic compulsive pathological and pseudologia fantastica

Is there support groups for compulsive liars in Washington state?

We suggest you contact the online Liars Anonymous site for possible guidance.

How do you stop a compulsive liar?

There is no easy way to get true compulsive liars to stop lying. Many compulsive behaviors are symptoms of deeper mental disorders and may require professional counseling and/or medication to treat the problem.

How do you deal with compulsive liar?

compulsive liars usually lie to impress, so when they are lieing just make up an even more unbelievable story so they know that you know

What do some cheating men have in common?

Compulsive liars. Sorry if someone's cheating on you. There's nothing worse.

If a compulsive liar says they're a compulsive liar should you believe them?

That's a really funny question, but i have the answer:Compulsive liars don't always lie anyways, so if your friend or someone you know says that, and blah blah blah, you can sometimes know when (if) they say that.

Are all fishermen liars or do only liars fish?

It's not that all fishermen are liars or that only liars fish. The problem lies with the uncanny ability of the fish to keep growing after it is caught.

Does Alison get caught for Courtney's murder in Pretty Little Liars?

She probably will get caught in the season finale

What is a compulsive liar?

A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying is usually thought to develop in early childhood, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary. A compulsive liar may also have difficulties with poor self esteem. For the most part, compulsive liars are not overly manipulative and cunning, rather they simply lie out of habit - an automatic response which is hard to break and one that takes its toll on a relationship. A compulsive liar may have difficulties with poor self esteem.

How do you find people who have a compulsive lying problem for an illuminating television documentary?

It depends where you are in the world, but to be honest with you most compulsive liars have a problem admitting they have a problem not to mention going on a television show, so you would really need to find people who live with compulsive liars who can persuade them to go on a tv show. I live with a compulsive liar, and they do not like to admit that they lie. Do you try and point out when they lie? why do you think that they lie? I was speaking to a therapist who said that it is a very difficult thing to a) recongise and b) change.

Does Alison from Pretty Little Liars ever get caught?

yes she does

Does the real Alison get caught in Pretty Little Liars?


What are symptoms of psychopathy?

Psychopaths generally lack empathy, are compulsive liars, are sadistic, use people for personal gain, and are very spontaneous.